February Film Reviews

Today I’m sharing four films that I thoroughly enjoyed watching in 2020. They’re not comfy or cosy and certainly NOT romantic. But they are all different, quirky and unusual – bit like me really!

Bone Tomahawk is defined as western horror. I’d describe it as edgy western; there were only a couple of shocking scenes towards the end and I really enjoyed this tense, visceral story! The acting, cinematography and direction are incredible – it’s a real piece of art. No, it’s not a comfy watch, but I loved the way it was so unpredictable, yet believable. Oh, and Kurt Russell is in it!

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is a dynamic, beautifully filmed story of the life of Ian Dury. This film veers from gut-wrenching laughter (the colourful language is hilarious) to absolute tragedy. The songs are richly wicked and Andy Serkis is perfect in his portrayal of this larger than life figure. This is a non-sanitised version of life – I dare you to watch it and not be moved.

I also really enjoyed WestWorld – loved the hints of films to come such as Terminator, 6th Day etc and Yul Brynner was particularly good as the mutated robot! Operation Avalanche is also worth watching – I’ve believed for years that man on the moon was a myth!

By the way, I am not easily shocked and often wonder why films are described as violent. So, if you’re at all squeamish or sensitive, I can’t recommend you watch the above films… Please be aware that I prefer NOT to watch politically correct films or to follow trends. I like to be surprised and challenged.

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6 Comments on “February Film Reviews”

  1. Bone Tomahawk was a great view, initially watched it because of Kurt Russell’s involvement, and was thoroughly absorbed throughout. The brutal scenes at the end were… truly brutal!!

  2. tref Says:

    Interesting choices. The director of Bone Tomahawk directed another favorite of mine, Brawl in Cell Block 99. Worth checking out if only to see Vince Vaughn beat up a car.

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