Water Sister

Today I am launching Water Sister!

This paperback book contains volumes 7 – 9 of The Kaerling, a dark fantasy series that follows 4 companions as they are drawn together on a quest not of their making…

He knew he was dreaming but couldn’t wake himself up. He panted hoarsely, seeing his adversary standing before him. They circled each other and he controlled his breathing, aware of the pull in his stomach muscles where she’d punched him. He was furious at himself for missing her neck and only striking her shoulder. If he’d caused her arm to go numb, she wasn’t showing it. Neither was she showing any fear. That, in itself, intrigued him. But his orders were clear. Kill.

Her way of moving was familiar, but it confused him. It was as if she knew the patterns he did, but in a different way. She used linked phrases and many of her movements were unpredictable. He half wished he’d been ordered to capture, rather than kill her.

She moved, her triangular face lit by wavering lamplight. He followed her lunge and in the blink of an eye she’d changed direction and struck his thigh. He staggered and backed up as she rained blows upon him with her hands and feet. He felt a sharp, sickening pain as her fist smashed into his nose…

Want to find out what happened before this fight? Want to discover what happens after the fight? Purchase Water Sister today at ALL Amazon marketplaces!

“The pacing of this novel, and the interactions and dialogues between the characters, are perfect.”

C Messelodi

Prefer reading e-books? Water Sister contains 3 e-books; Uneasy Allies (99c until 30th September), Fair Wind & Elkadanu.

“I love the magic and different cultures that interact with each other. Just delightful and dreadful at the same time. “


Please take a moment to watch the book trailer HERE and, if you enjoy it, #PleaseShare and help me to #SpreadTheWord. Thank you!

“This is traditional fantasy at its best!”

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