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23 November, 2016

There are a number of stories about Dracomagan that have been published now, so, if you’d like to read them in order, here’s the chronological list (oldest first).
Dragonscale Leggings Dracomagan’s Diary currently e-book only

Echo Peak Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection available in both e-book and paperback

The Truthseeker’s Tale – Patreon October 2016

A Mercenary’s Tale Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection

The Rusalka Ritual Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection

Once Upon A Darker, More Enchanted Time Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection

The Essence of Thyme Available as an e-book

The Oil of Sage Currently only available to those who receive my free newsletter!

Dining At Sparkles – Patreon June 2016

A Picnic At Knole Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection

Keep up to date with new additions to this list at Chronology


Wednesday Words – Dracomagan

26 August, 2015
Dracomagan came into existence in the first draft of Dragonscale Leggings, a short story I wrote at college in 1992. She was, initially, an alter ego, a projection of how I wanted to be; confident, always right, determined, strong, not worried about what people think …
Since then, however, I have matured. Dracomagan, however, remains more or less the same, though in recent years she may have mellowed a little. We still share some characteristics; determined, not worried about what people think of us, don’t suffer fool gladly (unless they’re paying our wages), loyal to our friends…
Dracomagan is still temperamental. She disappears for weeks when I’m trying to write about her and when I’m busy writing about something else, she turns up in my dreams and slips into my imagination at the most inconvenient times. When she’s haunting me, I have to write down what she’s telling me. If I don’t, I start to become her, saying rude or inappropriate things to people around me. It seems she is permanently hormonal which is extremely tiring.
However, I wouldn’t be without her, tiresome and unpredictable as she she is. She allows me to express myself thorough her in ways that I couldn’t get away with in real life. Come and join Dracomagan in her diary in Dragonscale Leggings and in my latest short short story about her, The Essence of Thyme in my Newsletter.
© Freya Pickard 2015

Twitter & De-tox

19 April, 2013
Dracomagan now has her own Twitter page at Draco Magan If you are on Twitter, I’m sure she will give you some sort of welcome if you follow her (it all depends on what mood she’s in…!)
I’m taking a short break from the internet in order to de-toxify my brain from static charges and technology. So there will be an even longer delay in replying to emails and comments for a short while… Thank you for reading my blog and I will catch up with you all again soon!
© Freya Pickard 2013

Wednesday Words – futuristic dreamscape…

5 September, 2012
I stumble up the steep track, shale slipping beneath my baseball boots. Several times I slip and graze the palms of my hands, but strangely, there is no pain. I halt as the path levels out, revealing a large cavern mouth, intense darkness gaping, revealing nothing.
“Took your time, didn’t you?” I turn to find the slim woman regarding me stonily.
“Oh, it’s you, why have you called me here?”
She leaps down from the boulder blocking the way past the cave, her long hair flailing.
“What have you done to your hair?”
She touches the thin braids almost self-consciously. “It saves having to comb it every day. Have you noticed?”
“Noticed what?” I know I am dreaming and that when I wake I will feel terrible. I always do when she visits my dreams.
“The absence of the crows.”
“Not really, no.”
“You call yourself a writer…”
“Look, is there a point to all this?”
She grins at my discomfort. “Of course. I think there’s a plot between a dark wizard and the bad dragons…”
“Hang on!” I say wearily, “that comes way in the future. I think my readers want to hear what happened when you went off with Merlin to find Lancelot.”
“Not saying.” She crosses her arms over her chest.
“And they’ll want to hear the Uncle Cat-Swinger tales in full.
Her arms drop and she grins delightedly. “I’ll tell you all about him…”
My short story “Echo Peak” has been accepted for publication by EoTE and will be appearing in the December issue of Shadows & Silhouettes!
© Freya Pickard 2012

Wednesday Words – An excerpt from Dragonscale Leggings …

27 June, 2012

“Foulbreath!” I cried, “Come out!”

“Go ‘way,” came the dragon’s deep voice, “No salesmen or hawkers allowed.”

My dreams flooded back to me and I wondered if Foulbreath and the dragon in the Wasteland were related at all.

“No I won’t go away!” I called, hearing my voice echoing magnificently, “I am the Dragon Slayer and I want to finish you off!” That wasn’t actually part of the plan but I thought it might draw him outside.

“Get stuffed!” came the sullen tones from inside the cave.

Honestly! Such language! I pressed my heels to Tygar’s sides and he trotted forwards sniffing the air in expectation. I reined him in at the entrance to the cave and peered in. The sun was bright in a clear blue sky and it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the dim interior. Piles of white bones lay about the floor near the entrance. A large mound of coins and other glittery objects made a bed for the bulky dragon further in. The air was thick with smoke and I coughed as it irritated my throat. Foulbreath hunched his shoulders and half spread his wings.

“I’ve not invited anyone here,” he grumbled. “ So you can trot back down to the valley again like a good little dragon slayer.”

I drew my giant potato peeler from the cylindrical scabbard Kaga had made for me and flourished it at the dragon. The action was totally lost on the monster as he still had his back to me. “Dragon Slayers don’t wait for invitations,” I said arrogantly. “Turn around and fight!”

“Would you fight if you were ill?” The dragon coughed suddenly and the cave filled with puffs of black smoke.

My coughing sounded quite pathetic next to the dragon’s chesty hacking.

“You can’t be ill,” I told him impatiently. “I want to fight you!”

“I’m not fighting you,” Foulbreath fanned his wings to clear the black smoke.

Tygar snorted with irritation and backed out into the sunlight. I felt annoyed with the dragon. Why wouldn’t he turn round? Why wouldn’t he fight? I really wanted to practise some of the manoeuvres that Kaga had been teaching me. I remembered then what Gatus had told me about dragons being vain and I wondered how badly I had cut him down by the lake.

“Very well,” I said with what I hoped was menacing promise.” You may not wish to fight me now but I never leave a deed undone. One day I will find you and finish you off.”

© Freya Pickard 2012

Wednesday Words – Introducing Dracomagan …

20 June, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday Words once more. This week I am introducing my character from Dragonscale Leggings, Dracomagan.

FP: Who are you?
DM: I am the dragonslayer.

FP: Yes, but who are you?
DM: I’ve just said. Are you deaf?

FP: OK then. What do you do?
DM: Do you have a brain?

FP: Of course!
DM: Do you use it?

FP: I’m not sure I get your point…
DM: Obviously.

FP: So…
DM: I am the dragonslayer therefore I kill dragons.

FP: How?
DM: With my giant potato peeler.

FP: Your what?
DM: Are you deaf?

FP: No!
DM: I – kill – dragons – with – my – giant – potato – peeler.

FP: You can talk normally.
DM: I thought you were hard of hearing.

FP: No. So, how where did you find a giant potato peeler?
DM: Why don’t you read Dragonscale Leggings and find out?

FP: Dracomagan, I WROTE Dragonscale Leggings, I know what happens.
DM: So why ask?

FP: I’m asking for the benefit of my readers.
DM: (Glances around suspiciously). What readers?

FP: They’re not here. They’re going to read this interview on the internet.
DM: The what?

FP: It’s a communication device that means people from all around the world can talk to each other.
DM: (Looks very uneasy). Humph! Sounds like magic to me.

FP: No, it’s technology.
DM: Same difference. You’re not one of Merlin’s minions are you?

FP: Certainly not!
DM: Hmmm. I’m not sure I like the idea of this interview after all…

FP: It’s OK. It’s perfectly safe.
DM: Can I use my giant potato peeler on this internet thing?

FP: Well, not really, it’s a virtual thing.
DM: Virtual? What are you on about?

FP: Well, it’s something that is intangible…
DM: That’s definitely magic. I’m leaving.

FP: No, please stay. My readers want to hear more about you.
DM: They do?

FP: Of course! They want to know how you live, who you meet, where you end up.
DM: Well, then, they need to read the book.

FP: Yes, but can’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?
DM: Freya, I am a person about whom stories are written. I do not tell stories about myself.

FP: I know that, but can’t you just tell us a little bit more?
DM: No.

FP: Look, Dracomagan, I know you sprang fully formed from my imagination but…
DM: You what?

FP: I created your character and I’d really like you to comply…
DM: What do you mean you created me?

FP: You’re not real. You’re a figment of my imagination…
DM: Codswallop! Of course I’m real… What’s that?

FP: (Listening) That’s the next door neighbour’s radio playing in the garden.
DM: (Rises to her feet and picks up her giant potato peeler) Shards and Shells. Can’t believe you’ve just told me I don’t exist.

FP: But Dracomagan…. Oh dear. That didn’t go very well. I do apologise to you all. Maybe I can get her back again another day… It sounds like she’s having another arguement with the neighbour regarding the sound of his radio. If you would like to find out more about Dracomagan, you can read about her in Dragonscale Leggings available at

Next week I will be posting an excerpt from the novel…

© Freya Pickard 2012

Review by Greenpea of Dragonscale Leggings

10 February, 2012

I was recommended to read this book by a friend who thought I needed cheering up. And in these days when one’s job is uncertain and the whole financial situation is looking appalling, I suppose the book did what my friend wanted it to. The central character, Dracomagan, is an engaging and entertaining person who comes alive on the first page. Although the book is not the sort of genre I generally read, it was not, to my relief full of ethereal elves and talking creatures. Well, the dragons talk and are rather rude actually! It’s as if the author has held up a mirror to the fantasy genre and had a really good laugh at it. I had a good laugh too. If you want a bit of light entertainment and good belly laugh in every chapter, this is the book to buy. If there are any more follow on books I’d definitely read them.


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