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Ends of the Earth….

27 April, 2012

I am so pleased! EOTE have published not just my musing and an abridged version of my review of “Better Off Dead” by Matt Rowe, but they’ve also printed my poem “Phantom”!

It is a sumptuous issue about Masks & Mirrors, viewed from all angles…

And my friends Claudia, Libby & JulesPaige also feature in this issue.

To find out more, visit EOTE Masks & Mirrors

I’m going to be offline for a few days but hope to be back in action mid-week. The scheduling for this blogsite has gone to pot (not ideal when I’ve been offline so much recently!) but at the moment, Pure Haiku seems to be working OK. So if you don’t receive an email from Clippings, just hop over to Pure Haiku to see what I’m posting there!

Wednesday Words – EOTE

11 April, 2012

Welcome to my second Wednesday Words!

Today I’d like to introduce you to EOTE. It stand for Ends of the Earth because it goes out all over the world. 

EOTE is a free ‘zine aiming to promote emerging artists, writers, photographers, painters; anyone creative in fact! Each issue is different and offers beautiful pictures, intriguing poetry and an entertaining story. 

I want to promote this ‘zine because I have had a fair amount of poetry published in it. The blogsite is quite new but it is definitely worth signing up for the ‘zine which comes out in April, August and December. And in April’s issue they have printed one of my musings…

Pop over and have a look and see what you think. (They’re always looking for new people to promote…)



17 December, 2011
I sang a song of Autumn green
In late October frosts began,
The dew was harsh, the light was strong
The robin sang his piercing song…

This is the first verse of my poem Octobersong which has been printed in EOTE December 2011. If you would like to read the rest of it, please visit EOTE

You can also find Linda Turner’s comments on the entire poem here

EOTE – Masks & Mirrors!

2 November, 2011

EOTE is the ‘zine that publishes some of my poetry. They have recently posted that they’re looking for submissions for their April issue in 2012. The theme is Masks & Mirrors and you can find more details here

EOTE – August 2011 – Editor’s Reasons

24 August, 2011

This is an interesting posting at EOTE

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