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Don’t forget …

30 June, 2019

Don’t forget that while I’m offline, I’ve scheduled some posts to appear over at Pure Haiku!


Take a peek now and see what I’ve been writing about!

I’ve been creating Landing Pages – check the first one out here!

Missing you all!

See you in the Autumn!

Much love

Freya xxx

Emergence …

13 January, 2019

Pure Haiku is currently OPEN to Submissions.


This time, you are not allowed to use the word Emergence in your haiku/senyru (and you cannot use this word in the title, if you choose to provide titles for your submissions). I want to receive haiku/senyru that are implicit in their mentions of EMERGENCE.

The OED defines the word EMERGENCE as “The process of becoming visible after being concealed.” Further definitions can be found at Oxford Dictionaries.


Delight me and surprise me with your haiku that paint vivid pictures of EMERGENCE. Don’t be confined to the obvious, be subtle, be clever, be imaginative! As always I’m looking for excellent use of language and words that conjure up clear, vivid pictures; show, don’t tell.

There will be 28 slots for individual haiku plus space for up to 5 days for a single featured haiku writer.

The DEADLINE for submissions is 25th January 2019 at midnight.

EMERGENCE themed haiku written in the traditional/classical form (5-7-5 syllables) will be posted on this site between March & April 2019.

How to submit to Pure Haiku

If you would like to submit your haiku for publication on this site, please send a maximum of 5 haiku written in the classical form on the current theme to: –

purehaiku (at) gmail (dot) com

with SUBMISSIONS, the current THEME and your NAME in the subject line.

Please include the following in the body of the email: –

Your first name
Your last name
Your email address
Your haiku (all 5 in one email please) (they do not have to be titled)
The full address of your blog or website if you have one (only one site per submission please)
The name you want to appear on the copyright
One sentence introducing yourself. Be quirky and interesting – you want people to visit your blog, don’t you?!

(Even if you have had haiku published on this site before, please still include all this information as I do not keep any details of previous submissions. By including all the required details it makes my life easier when scheduling haiku. Thank you.)

© Freya Pickard 2019


20 December, 2012
hibernating now
until January – thanks
for reading my words
© Freya Pickard 2012

Wednesday Words – Pure Haiku

4 April, 2012

Wednesday Words is a new venture for me. Each week I am going to write a little bit about a blog / website that I enjoy reading and feel strongly that I should share with you. 

I’m going to cheat on this first Wednesday though and unashamedly publicise the other blog that I write; PureHaiku

I set PureHaiku up after my traditional (5-7-5) haiku were rejected by a magazine that specialised in haiku. The reason given for the rejection was that my haiku were too traditional. After I’d stopped laughing in disbelief I fell to thinking about this statement. If a haiku isn’t traditional, shouldn’t it be called something different? And if we let other forms of haiku supersede the traditional form, what happens to the skill of writing traditional haik?

Yes, traditional haiku are hard to write. That’s the point! It’s a discipline! So here we are; PureHaiku. What do you think of it?

Not only do I share my own haiku on this site but I also show case other people’s haiku also, including Claudia Messelodi and JulesPaige. Pop over and have a look – let me know what you think of it!

The New Writer

23 January, 2012

Guess what?

I’ve had a haiku published in The New Writer! OK, it’s only one haiku but it’s difficult getting accepted for publication in this “different” magazine. I know, I’ve been trying for over a year! 

For those of you who subscribe to The New Writer, my haiku is on page 33. If you don’t receive The New Writer, you can find out more about it here

More good news about publishing success to be announced shortly!

What’s happening at Pure Haiku?

6 January, 2012

I have started blogging again at my other blogsite, Pure Haiku. 

I’m starting off the new year with a quartet of haiku that I wrote after I’d read the Twilight series last year. They were first published in Dial 174 issue 85 where the sequence was shortlisted for the competition. 

If you’d like to pop over and read them over the next couple of weeks, click here 

Moment – 7

9 December, 2011

Laughing in disbelief when 15 haiku were rejected by a haiku magazine on the grounds they were too traditional. 

Apparently English language haiku don’t have to conform to the 5-7-5 syllabic structure. So, what’s the point?!

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