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Moment – 24

23 December, 2011
Letting go of what I’ve been holding onto. 
Feeling free, yet grounded. 
Knowing I will not be abandoned. 
That everything happens for an eternal reason.

Moment – 23

23 December, 2011

The robin joined me in the herb garden when I was weeding. He sat on the orange bucket making trilling, contented sounds without opening his beak, vibrating his throat. I realised he was talking to me…

Moment – 22

23 December, 2011

The satisfied feeling of another short story well-crafted, complete, typed and double-spaced; undiluted by rejection for now.

Moment – 21

21 December, 2011

Feeling the knife-edge cut as my newest short story is rejected because “it doesn’t work”. Pain deep inside and indignation. What do they mean, it doesn’t work?!!

Moment – 20

21 December, 2011

Waking just after 3am and hearing the random taps of rain on the roof and window grow to a steady downpour that keeps me awake in the dark.

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