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My Newsletter !

27 November, 2017

This year I have been unable to send out my usual quarterly Newsletter due to moving house and setting up a new business!
But I am now preparing my Newsletter for March 2018! The story that began in The Essence of Thyme and continued in The Oil of Sage, will conclude in The Attar of Chervil! I also share with my readers new poems as well as telling them something about my real life in a short editorial.
If you are already a subscriber to my Newsletter you should have received an email from me a couple of weeks ago, asking if you still wanted to receive it. If you’ve not seen the email yet, please check your Junk and Spam folders. If you do wish to continue to receive my creativity 4 times a year, please make sure you get back to me BEFORE 31st January 2018 to stay on my mailing list!

If you aren’t yet a subscriber and would like to give my Newsletter a try, please send me an email at with “Request Clippings” in the subject line! Your email will never be sold or passed on to anyone else.
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I’ve started making some videos about my writing! Please check them out at YouTube.

Freya’s Newsletter

20 March, 2017

By now I would have normally emailed the link to the current newsletter to all my subscribers. If you’re wondering why it hasn’t appeared, that’s because I’m having to put my newsletter on hold this year.
The main reason for this is that I am moving house and starting a new enterprise. I didn’t get a chance to get the first episode of the new story out this month due to all the things I’ve had to organise for the move etc. I’m really sorry about this!
My plan is to just rest from the newsletter this year and then commence serialising The Attar of Chervil in 2018. I hope all of you who subscribe are OK with the wait! House moving and setting up new enterprises are time consuming jobs!
An update will be posted at Current Story when I am ready to continue with the newsletter once more. Much love. Freya xxx
© Freya Pickard 2017
I’ve started making some videos about my writing! Please check them out at YouTube.

The Oil of Sage: Episode 4

12 December, 2016

Stiffly, he rose to his feet and straightened his back. Hobbling to the door he bolted it fast and then turned and extinguished all but one of the candles. He lifted a smooth, unadorned silver bowl from a shelf and set it on a low table near the embers of the fire. Beside the door stood a silver jug with water that his servant had collected last full moon from the hill streams nearby.
Carefully, the old man poured the water into the bowl, not spilling a drop. Setting the jug on the floor he waited for the water in the bowl to become still, feeling the ache in legs and back. He waited, feeling the minutes pass towards midnight. Eventually he stooped and breathed once on the water’s surface.
Mist swirled in the clear depths, parting to reveal rocky crags and moss-covered trees. Merlin stared silently, watching the visions as they unfolded to reveal a twisted, grey peak of stone. He shivered as he waved a hand over the bowl and the pictures vanished…
What has Merlin seen in the scrying bowl? What will Dracomagan and her friends do next in order to rescue Parsley’s lover?
The final episode of The Oil of Sage is now available to read – for FREE! Find out how to get your free copy of it (and the previous episodes) at Current Story.
Current subscribers to Freya’s Newsletter have already been sent the link to the newest episode. If you have not yet received it, please contact Freya on the email address mentioned on the Current Story Page, requesting it.
© Freya Pickard 2016
I’ve started making some videos about my writing! Please check them out at YouTube.

Domestic Observations …

25 October, 2016

Lantune 3 – that struck me deeply and I found it most haunting. As for Merlin becoming intrigued – he’s not the only one! It is now a case of watch this space! S Evans
Congratulations on publication of your short story e-book “Rusalka Ritual.” Fine job with video. I had no problem with hearing it, just had to turn up the speakers a little. Loved the newsletter. Nice break for me to read it. Enjoyed all content. Great idea to shift focus on your blog. Exciting about upcoming interviews. You’re inspiring. Keep up your energetic writing and publishing. Wishing you the best always. P Spork
Your domestic observations are absolutely lovely! They are alive and tangible and audible and visual and aural. Just what poetry should be. As for Dracomagan – it goes without saying that I love her and everything she does. L Turner

These are recent comments made by readers of my newsletter which contains the serialisation of my short story The Oil of Sage. To find out more about this #freeread that is available to everyone, please visit Current Story. I look forward to hearing from you!
I’ve started making some videos about my writing! Please check them out at YouTube

Sensory Environment

4 April, 2016
Thanks so much for sending your newsletter. Nice design filled with short poems. Love it! I see the “hound” is keeping you inspired. In “The Oil of Sage,” I was brought into the sensory environment of the setting right off with the first line. Ummm, apple wood scents. Calming, indeed, with the sage oil fragrance. I relaxed with Merlin in his fragrant abode, only to have that “wild-haired” woman intrude and break serenity. She fouled my tranquility. That ‘ol biddy. LOL! I stated “‘ol biddy”, since not knowing anything about all characters at the start of the read. Fantastic writing, and enjoyable read. :0) You are a talented writer and I thank you for sharing your talent with me. Greatly appreciated! P Spork
The only word I have, Freya, rings of cliche, but as one of my characters says: Cliches are cliches because they’re true. The story’s enchanting, truly. The sensory details are effective but work subliminally until a second reading. Further, I admire the newsletter. If I ever get anyone who’s not a ghost crawler to sign up on my site, I plan something similar. It’s effective and reaches people who want to read what you write. I liked the poetry on the side, too. Big up K Maher
The first episode of The Oil of Sage is available now to read online! The story is a free read for my followers who subscribe to my quarterly Newsletter.
If you would like to read the first episode (episodes 2-4 will follow throughout 2016), just send me an email at dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com with “Clippings Request” in the subject line.
To find out more please visit FREE STUFF!. I look forward to hearing from you!
© Freya Pickard 2016

Wednesday Words – Newsletter

19 August, 2015
It’s been too long, I know. But since June 2014 I’ve not really had time to even think about my quarterly newsletter, let alone work on it. For those of you who are new to this blog, the reason for the non-appearance of my newsletter since last year is due to me being diagnosed with bowel cancer and having two lots of surgery in 2014, followed by 6 months of chemotherapy. There’s been a lot of recovering and rediscovering to do, but, at long last, I am pleased to announce that issue 14 of Dragonscale Clippings (the name of my newsletter) will be available to subscribers in September.
In September’s issue you will be able to read episode 4 of my short story, “The Essence of Thyme”. So far, Dracomagan and her friend Parsley have managed to enter an enchanted forest, discovered a castle full of people frozen like statues and experienced a strange green mist that makes Parsley think of dreamy summertimes… What will happen next? If you already subscribe to the newsletter you will receive links to all 3 previous episodes as well as the link to episode 4 when I email you next month.
To you give a taster if you haven’t read the previous episodes, and to remind those of my readers who started their journey with me in “The Essence of Thyme”, here is the link to the first episode that was published in December 2013. The Essence of Thyme #1
My Newsletter will also contain artwork, some previously unpublished haiku about my character, Dracomagan, as well as a look back at my colostomy, surgery and chemotherapy clippings. I’ll also be talking about real life again in my editorial, and how I’ve really had to live by my words and conclusions that I reached in June 2014. If you already subscribe, I look forward to your feedback. If you’ve not yet joined me, why not email me now? Subscription is free, all you have to do is email me at dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com with “Clippings Request” in the subject line.
More information about the Newsletter can be found at Newsletter. There you can read comments from my readers on previous episodes and issues. Next Wednesday, I will be writing more about Dracomagan and her conception…
© Freya Pickard 2015

Clippings 10 – Mists of Time

16 September, 2013
Fabulous decorations
Inside ruined villa
Sea creatures swim…
These are the first three lines of my poem Precise Patterns published in my September Newsletter.
Clippings # 10 has a theme which covers the mosaics at Fishbourne and the Lost Legion. I write about the results of my experiment Without Words and share excerpts from my blogs. Thank you once again to Jonathon B. Hoyt for providing me with the background for my poem.
If you already subscribe to my newsletter, you should have received an email from the email address below with the link earlier today. If you haven’t, please let me know.
If you haven’t yet subscribed to Clippings, then here is a taster of what you can expect at Clippings 10
If you would like to receive future issues of my newsletter please send an email to dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com Subscribe Clippings in the subject line.
If you feel the need to feedback, all comments are welcome!
© Freya Pickard 2013

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