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Dragonscale Portraits 20170506

5 June, 2017

As the photograph of Joey seemed to go down well back in February (record number of comments in just 1 day!) I’ve decided to post another of my photographs.
This one was taken on the beach and it is real. I have not photoshopped it at all!
I could not believe that the seaweed looked like an embroidered heart! What are the chances of finding something like that again?
© Freya Pickard 2017
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Dragonscale Portraits – Photograph 20170228

28 February, 2017

I’m trying out something a bit different today, just to see if people like it or not.
I don’t really do an awful lot of photography at the moment, for one reason or another but I wanted to share this photograph with you. I took it a month or so ago when we had snow and Joey, the greyhound I babysit for 2-3 days a week, felt the cold!
Greyhounds are very sensitive to the cold, so, instead of letting him lie on his quilt on his bed, I draped the quilt over him. He loved it!
I’ve shared another photo taken at this time with my Patreon supporters. And there’s another one that appeared in my guest post over at Sue Vincent’s blog in January. Joey also appears briefly in my video Insides.
© Freya Pickard 2017
Have you seen the videos I’ve made about my writing! Check them out at YouTube

Blog Tour…

11 January, 2012

My blog tour continues at Small Blonde Hippy

On Monday, Liz interviewed me
On Tuesday I blogged about Poetry
Today I blogged about Photography

Pop over and have a look – let us know what you think!

Clippings #3

30 November, 2011

The third issue of my newsletter is now available to view.

If you would like to read it, please send an email with Subscribe Clippings in the subject line dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com It’s only 4 pages long and contains an excerpt from one of my wintry, romantic tales as well as photography by Mick Turner and poetry from Heather Connelly and Claudia Messelodi. 

Let me know what you think!

Dragonscale Clippings #2

17 October, 2011

At bit late I know, but here at last, is the September issue of Dragonscale Clippings. 

In #2 I give you a sneak preview of The Romance and introduce you to a poet and a photographer. 

Linda Turner is an amazing writer and I’ve included her Classroom Sonnet as it ties in with the theme of autumn. 

Anne Baksteen has recently had a photograph published by EOTE and I am really pleased to be able to display more of her talent in her Big Ben photograph. 

If you would like to recieve Dragonscale Clippings please email me at  Freya  to request the link. 

Let me know what you think of #2!

Ken Rockwell has been Paying Attention for Decades

15 August, 2011

For those of us who enjoy Paying Attention this posting is a must. 

Although it’s written from a photographer’s point of view, what he says, also applies to serious writers. Don’t be put off by his initial discussion of cameras. Keeping reading and about halfway down the page you’ll reach the bit about paying attention; keep on reading, it’s interesting!

Read and enjoy!

 Ken Rockwell

Ends of the Earth August 2011 – Coming Soon!

1 August, 2011

This issue of Ends of the Earth is spectacular. I have a short piece of writing printed in it that links with several amazing photographs. 

In fact, this issue is really about photography, featuring a beautiful collection of photos by Jonathon B Hoyt as well as showing off photos from Mick Turner and Anne Baksteen. There is also an incredible oil painting by Heather Connelly of Lavender at  Bridestone, Tasmania.

The poetry is exquisite also and reflects the creativity of both Claudia Messelodi and Heather Connelly. 

If you would like to read it (it’s only 8 A5 pages long and most of it is pictures!) please email H2M for the link. 

This issue will be available to read at some point in August 2011.

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