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Film Reviews – July 2020

10 July, 2020

I don’t often review films because they nearly always leave me feeling underwhelmed (unless of course it’s The Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Terminator etc etc).

But I have to mention Captain Fantastic– I haven’t laughed so much for years! It’s very thought provoking and has Viggo Mortensen in it. I really enjoyed the way the children were being brought up – very hands on and survival based. It’s a kind of antidote to the usual sickenly cutesy kids films out there.

I also really enjoyed Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role. It’s not preachy, but raises serious moral and ethical issues, in an amazing time paradox plot! The ending is NOT what you would expect!

And Lucy is another film that is worth watching, with Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman in it. I enjoyed the character change of the protagonist and the basis of the plot is very thought provoking.

Have you seen any of these films? What did you think of them?

PS You’ll never guess what? I managed to get my book cover for The Butterfly Tree & Other Stories into another Book Cover Award over at Alternative Read. If you have a mo, please consider voting for me! Thank you! The deadline is 31st July 2020.

What I’ve been reading during lockdown!

24 June, 2020

All the books I  review can be found on BookBub. Some of my book reviews can also be found on Amazon UK.

Here are some of the amazing books I’ve read so far this year. If you want to find out WHY I enjoyed them, please click on the links above and below.

If you want some fantasy and/or science fiction reading that is different and quirky (that’s what I’m always looking for), I can recommend: –

Kings of Infinite Space by Francis Franklin

Myths of the Mirror by D Wallace Peach

The Giant Who Fell from the Dark Beyond the Sky by Troy David Loy

Hunter Hunted by Richard M Ankers

A Monk’s Tale by Matthew B Berg

If you prefer gritty, gutsy dystopian tales, I thoroughly enjoyed: –

Devastation by Jane Dougherty

Sand and Scrap by Chris R Sendrowski

And, if you’re looking for poetry that opens windows into a poet’s life, give Red Is The Sunrise by Linda Imbler a try!

Please note that I DO NOT accept review requests as I am either busy writing or working. All the books I review have either been purchased or downloaded during a giveaway/promotion. I only review books I enjoy reading.

Thank you to everyone who voted for my book cover of The Butterfly Tree in the All Author contest. I really appreciate all your support. Unfortunately, I haven’t got through to the 2nd round this time. But I am very encouraged by the amount of people who voted for me! Thank you! xxx

Catch Up – Freya’s writing is online!

8 June, 2020

Due to the lockdown, I’ve had more time, not just to write, but to send stories and poetry out to magazines. Result – I’ve had a few bits and pieces published recently!

I do try to re-blog online publication posts, depending on how much is happening on this blog. So, in case you missed the re-blogs, or, I wasn’t able to re-blog due to launching The Butterfly Tree etc, here’s a quick catch up for you!

Please click on the links below, and, if you like what you read, please share!

My Nonet, Terraformed, was published in March over at Festival For Poetry

This poem will eventually appear in my Arturina collection – when I get round to finishing the storyline and publishing it!

My short story, Eldr Orvar, was published in April by Swords & Sorcery Magazine

This story is about a bunch of misfits who have to work together in order to leave the city they’re trapped in.

Both I Write Her, and DreamNoirArt, have recently showcased some of my short form poetry!

And, in case you missed it, I published a short story collection, The Butterfly Tree & other stories in May and Smorgasbord Cafe featured it just recently!

I hope you enjoy reading these published pieces, and, if you like them, please share!

Please vote!

6 June, 2020

My book cover for The Butterfly Tree & other stories has been selected at All Author for the June 2020 cover competition!

If you have a Facebook account, please could you take two minutes to vote for my book cover at All Author?

Thank you SO much!

Three Poems by Freya Pickard — Dream Noir

2 June, 2020

movement song – ocean rounded by the salty waves carved by the moon-driven tide ground down to tiny pebbles; do they remember largeness? shout song for the sea ride the high cold black wave fly through stinging ice foam absorb the energy! dark song for death death; simply decaying no song, no tune dark breath […]

Three Poems by Freya Pickard — Dream Noir

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