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Snippets, clippettes and inner landscapes!

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Freya believes strongly in giving back to the writing community. And her Newsletter is her way of giving something free to her followers.

Get a glimpse into Freya’s personality, view as yet unpublished poetry, discover the characters who live in Freya’s mind, and, read one free short story every year!

From 2020, Freya’s Newsletter (also known as Dragonscale Clippings), will be issued once a month by email.

Freya will be sharing something short and sweet but different each month. (Apart from the months when she’s sharing an unpublished short story with her readers in three episodes…) Freya’s Newsletters are different. Yes, she does advertise her books, but, she is a published author, so, why shouldn’t she? She doesn’t preach, she doesn’t talk about current affairs or events, she simply shares her world with you. And her world is very different from the one most people see…

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Discover what readers thought of Freya’s Newsletter in 2018 …

3 Comments on “Freya’s Newsletter”

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