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This is one of my ways of giving back to the writing community. My monthly Newsletter is FREE!

Get a glimpse into my personality, read unpublished poetry, discover the characters who live in my head and enjoy a free short story every year!

Learning about your writing habits and how you prepare months in advance for business-related matters was the most interesting part, for me, in this month’s newsletter. Of course, as usual, loved all your Haiku, other writings and Mr. Hoyt’s artwork. Look forward to monthly newsletters next year. P Spork

My Newsletters are different. I don’t write in a patronising tone to my readers, I simply present something that’s quirky and unusual. Of course I advertise my books, but I am a published author, so, why shouldn’t I?!

I don’t preach or talk about current affairs (why would I do that?!!!), I simply share my world with you. And my world is very different from yours.

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