The Attar of Chervil

In 2018 Freya serialised her short story “The Attar of Chervil”. Here are some of her readers’ comments …

March 2018

Clippings is author Freya Pickard’s quarterly newsletter. She is an amazing writer and person. Her life is a story of huge changes, and she knows how to handle the tsunami waves that strike her with poise and grace. Her works often reflect how deep the turmoil of her life is. They are sometimes straight from her life’s pages.

March Clippings contained 16 Haikus and a piece from her story Attar of Chervil. The haikus are about space, the experiences that a space traveler will go through if one travels in that great unknown, it is so about space and yet about everyday life! They are very deep and thought- provoking. Freya’s Haiku are in general very well-written, these are nothing less than that!

Attar of Chervil Episode 1 is fascinating! A group of men and women travelling in a fantasy world, towards their destination! They are passing through a very dangerous terrain. The description is vivid and gripping. Beautiful language and flow! Absolutely loved it! The dreamy artwork by Elisha Choi is a bonus. Sharmishtha Basu

Whenever you describe a scene, I don’t need pictures; the images are so clear in my mind. From ‘a chill wind rattled the dead leaves’ and ‘only the wind moaned,’ right through the end, you have such a unique, expressive and eloquent usage of words. Sheila Evans

Enjoyed the new Clippings issue. Haiku quite “spacey”. A satellite journey for me. Patricia Spork



June 2018

June Clippings starts with an intriguing artwork by Jonathan B. Hoyt. It contains 16 Haikus and the next episode of Attar of Chervil.

The haiku are deep, touching and sometimes sad. I feel they are carrying the turmoil of author’s life, as it is going through fast changes and she is leaving the known world behind to meet the unknown. Just like a traveler in space does, s/he steps out into the unknown, often with a one-way ticket!

Attar of Chervil’s new episode is as gripping as the previous one. Finally queen Dracomagan meets her enemy, lady Nimue. She looks like a very deadly adversary. The piece is again very beautifully written gripping and beautiful flow of words. Freya certainly knows how to build suspense! I have read quite a bunch of poems, especially Haiku by Freya, this is the first time I am reading her stories and they truly are as good as her poetry. Sharmishtha Basu

I really enjoyed reading it, the story is full of suspense and intrigue, which I both adore, and the haiku are great! Claudia Messelodi


September 2018

September Clippings again features Jonathan B. Hoyt as the artist and his work is very elegant, though I wonder if there is a darker theme lying underneath the elegant painting.

Attar of Chervil takes an unexpected turn, this month’s episode lulled readers into believing that the victory was easy, but it was not. Apparently Nimue had the first laugh, then Parsley won, but did she? The final few words don’t sound like victory. Another fascinating chapter! Beautiful and thrilling! Loved it!

This quarterly’s poem section contains nine haiku and 5 elfije. The haiku sway between space and real life. The borders are quite blurry, but haiku are beautifully written. Elfije are very beautiful. Beauty and danger mingled together and served as poetry! Fantastic read for sure! There is no doubt about that! It is a treat! Imagine a baker handing out a delicious cake for free- that will be it! Sharmishtha Basu

Thank you very much for your latest newsletter. What a work you do, it is amazing. It gives me inspiration and imagination for everyday life. Thank you. Ute Gohla

Clippings September 2019 JBH

Clippings September 2019

December 2018

December Clippings shares a lovely painting by Elisa Choi. Attar of Chervil is finished and am really glad that it ended in a happy tone, I was a bit in suspense after last month’s surprise twist. Freya is a wonderful storyteller, and a very blessed writer.  Absolutely loved the story and the way she told it.

This quarterly’s poem section contains 11 delightful elfije, all about beauty of nature, very beautiful and evocative. I am sure they will conquer your heart like they conquered mine! It is one amazing read without doubt! Sharmishtha Basu

I’ve just finished reading the latest issue of Clippings. I enjoyed the last episode of the story so much and in particular the elfje poems which really spoke to me in terms of imagery and colour! Claudia Messelodi

Clippings December 2019 Elisa Choi

Clippings December 2019


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