Freyan Verse

Freyan Verse is a form invented by me, Freya Pickard.

The aim of Freyan Verse is to create a poem that can be read both vertically and horizontally.

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The rules are simple. Verse 1 is always written first. It is situated at the heart of the poem, in the centre. Verse 1 holds the poem together. The other verses develop themes/issues that verse 1 raises.

There are 5 stanzas. Each stanza consists of 7 lines. Line seven of verses 2 and 4 overlaps with line 1 of verses 3 and 5. Lines 1 and 7 of each verse consist of 1 word only.

Freyan Verse Seven

In 2019, I developed my Freyan Verse into a longer version and called it Freyan Verse Seven as each poem contains seven verses.

The building and structure of a Freyan Verse Seven is similar to ordinary Freyan Verse, you simply add a verse above and below the middle verse. These new verses need to overlap with the middle verse as well as making sense with the verses either side of them!

I published three Freyan Verse Seven in my Newsletter in 2020.

If you wish to try your hand writing a freyan verse or a freya verse seven, please feel free. But please acknowledge me, Freya Pickard as the inventor of the form if you publish your freyan verse online or in print.

You can find Freyan Verse in my paperback anthology This Is Me.

Here are the links to the Freyan Verse published so far on this site …


Turbulence in Gold Dust issue 29. You’ll find it on page 47

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Here are some Freyan Verse by other writers.

Accursed Lust by Francis James Franklin

Sacrificial Love by Francis James Franklin

Orion by Jenny Poulter

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