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The Day of Weird

Pursued by villagers for angering the gods, Otta seeks to evade capture whilst following the Unicorn’s Trail. She must deal with the dark side of her character and the memory loss of her twin as the influence of the kaerlings becomes more pronounced. Where will the Unicorn’s Trail lead her?

The first three volumes of The Kaerling now in one paperback. Contains Silver Fire, Ambassador and An Ancient Song.

This Is Me

Journey through the depths of cancer and chemotherapy. Discover Freya’s weird and vibrant imagination in myth and legend. And find out what makes Freya tick as she observes the world around her.

Three volumes of poetry in one paperback; Insides, My Mythology & This Is Me.

Dragonscale Leggings

Think Alice in Wonderland meets Bridget Jones. This story is an antidote to the long, on-going series where everyone dies… There are no shiny vampires or cute werewolves in this tale, but there is a crowd of fantasy characters who refuse to conform to type.

The Rusalka Ritual

Five tales from Freya’s fertile imagination to delight and intrigue you; a western setting, a tragic story, a twisted faerie tale, a sword and sorcery romp and a warning about checking your car brakes …

Vintrig’s Kingdom

This tale is set within the mountainous, winter-bound walls of Vintrig’s Kingdom. Instead of the usual “quest”, the journey each person treads is a journey of the soul, into the innermost recesses of their fear to question the validity of the history they think they know.

Vintrig’s Throne

Isu Magan, heir to Vintrig’s Throne, has fallen in love with Sama Conn, a travelling musician. Fearing to lose her promised inheritance, Isu is unwilling to show her true feelings for the man she loves. Terrified of her Counsellor Jya, Isu is forced to meet with Sama in secret. Vintrig’s Throne concludes the story that began in Vintrig’s Kingdom.


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