The Day of Weird

Pursued by villagers for angering the gods, Otta seeks to evade capture whilst following the Unicorn’s Trail.

This is the gritty version of what a Western setting of Avatar the Last Airbender would look like.” X Mankum

The first three volumes of The Kaerling now in one paperback. Contains Silver Fire, Ambassador and An Ancient Song.

Fire Daughter

When Lored escapes from the Isle of Yrjo, he discovers his problems have only just started.

Freya’s ability to craft complex characters and create an interwoven storyline shows well in this volume! The way things play out as the story unfolds, with some mysteries answered and others yet to be revealed, makes me want to know more of this world!” Troy

Volumes 4 – 6 of The Kaerling can be found in this paperback. Contains Olin Heon, Hidden Lands and Aura Vere.

Water Sister

Four companions drawn together on a quest not of their making.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It’s a beautifully written story and I find all of the characters interesting. The descriptions, particularly of the sea voyage, were fabulous. I can feel myself being present in the places described. There are lots of hints of problems to come and foreshadowing which all adds to a sense of mystery.” E Baxter

Volumes 7 – 9 of The Kaerling are contained within these covers: Uneasy Allies, Fair Wind and Elkadanu.

This Is Me

Three volumes of poetry in one bound paperback!

“Beautifully presented by a beautiful lady. Freya has had a tough journey and great sadness in her life, her writing is sensitive and insightful. Thank you Freya.” M Callow

Contains: Insides, My Mythology & This Is Me.

Dragonscale Leggings

Imagine Bridget Jones meeting Alice in Wonderland.

“Written as a journal, there is humour and imagination, an original take on dragons, a fiercely independent female lead, and a playful twist on Arthurian legend.” Francis James Franklin

The Rusalka Ritual

Quirky, undefinable and un-put-downable.

A collection of short tales where we meet a range of enjoyable characters. Fantasy writing with a twist, very enjoyable.” Book Bug

Vintrig’s Kingdom

In a winter bound kingdom the only person holding back the darkness and chaos is a virgin princess. 

A magical tale of fantasy with edges.” Amazon Customer

Vintrig’s Throne

Marriage and love weren’t supposed to be part of Isu Magan’s life.

A good mix of realistic and fantastical elements, and a gripping, at first gritty storyline, the puzzles first presented in early chapters are resolved in the plot in a way that shows rather than merely tells!” Troy

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