Short Stories


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Many of my short stories are about The Dragon  Slayer, who is also known as Dracomagan. She is a fiesty, female warrior who lives in both the Otherworld and this world. Please don’t upset her – she has a savage temper and her preferred choice of weapon is giant potato peeler!

Dragonscale Leggings

Think Bridget Jones meets Alice in Wonderland! What would you do if you woke up in a strange world with no memory? Discover what Dracomagan gets up to in this quirky, humorous journal …

“Written as a journal, there is humour and imagination, an original take on dragons, a fiercely independent female lead, and a playful twist on Arthurian legend.” Francis James Franklin

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The Rusalka Ritual

Five tales about Dracomagan; mysterious guide, ruiner of emotional moods, overcomer of dark enchantment, shatterer of faerie spells and a golfer’s nightmare …

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“A collection of short tales where we meet a range of enjoyable characters. Fantasy writing with a twist, very enjoyable.” Book Bug

The Essence of Thyme

An oblique re-telling of Sleeping Beauty. The Essence of Thyme allows Parsley the limelight (for once) as she pursues her dream of finding a handsome prince and true love.

“I love Dracogmagan’s character. She’s great: irreverent, mouthy and full of attitude.” DoctorWolf

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Some of my short stories are about the world of Nirunen and other fantasy and futuristic settings.

Xmas @ Camelot II

Ten tales to tease and tantalise your perceptions of reality and legend. Where is reality grounded? In this life or the next? In an on-line game or in dreams?

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The Butterfly Tree & Other Stories

Five tales from the land of Nirunen. Five tales out of legend and ancient mythology. Five tales of men and women who are not yet heroes. Five tales of fabulous creatures and monsters. Five tales from history in a world very different from our own.

If you’re new to the world of Nirunen (see The Kaerling series for more information) or simply want some background reading into the heroes and heroines of old, this book is for you!

The Butterfly Tree & Other Stories is part of Freya’s Dragonscale Diffusions series…

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