The Dragon Slayer!

The Dragon  Slayer, also known as Dracomagan, is a fiesty, female warrior who lives in both the Otherworld and this world. Please don’t upset her – she has a savage temper and her preferred choice of weapon is giant potato peeler!

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Dragonscale Leggings

Think Bridget Jones meets Alice in Wonderland! What would you do if you woke up in a strange world with no memory? Discover what Dracomagan gets up to in this quirky, humorous journal …

“Written as a journal, there is humour and imagination, an original take on dragons, a fiercely independent female lead, and a playful twist on Arthurian legend.” Francis James Franklin

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The Rusalka Ritual

Five tales with Dracomagan somewhere inside them. Flit between the Otherworld and this world, dally with fairies and strange beings and watch out for the grim reaper …

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The Essence of Thyme

Sleeping Beauty retold with a feminist twist.

“I love Dracogmagan’s character. She’s great: irreverent, mouthy and full of attitude.” DoctorWolf

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Xmas @ Camelot II

Ten tales of the weird and wonderful, two of which feature Dracomagan. Journey through a Freudian Prison, a Virtual Reality Game and fairyland and more …

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