Dark Fantasy

Their mission was simple; to rescue the child, Derri, and the acolyte, Lally from the clutches of the evil kaerlings.

But catching up with the kaerlings proves to be anything but simple.

Meet Otta and Erl in volumes one to three as they follow the elusive trail of the mystical unicorn.

In volumes four and five, Lored, a taku-kevir, struggles to find his purpose in life. Meanwhile, Tari’s quiet life at the Temple in Aura Vere is turned upside down.

In volume six, the four companions are drawn together on a quest that strains their relationships to the limit.

Volume seven and subsequent books follow their journey through forest and plain, ocean and island, mountain and desert, to the kaerling city of Orosturbe, in the dark and dangerous land of Jargoiden.

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“The world building is tight and interesting, and never feels like it’s pulling the reader in too many directions. And considering I jumped into this book mid game, it didn’t even take me that long to pick up on all of the specific language nuances for this world. I jumped in blind, but immediately caught my bearings thanks to Freya’s tight plotting for this section of the series. I just love the flow of words. It’s got the it factor that only really well written books have.” Chris S

“Although the focus changes between characters and places, it all flows well from one chapter to the next. The overall effect is very satisfying. I think this is the most accomplished instalment so far. Well-structured, great character- and world building. Can’t wait for the next book.” W Thomas

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