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Little Gem

17 July, 2021

Checked out my Facebook profile a few days and found myself mentioned in a post by author Chris R. Sendrowski!

You can read it here, or, if you don’t have an FB profile, read on below for the details.

Chris R. Sendrowski

Lately I’ve been having a hard time reading indie fantasy novels. A lot of them are just way too tied down to annoying tropes and piss-poor writing. However, I came across this little gem after the author befriended me online. Needless to say, this is some solid writing here. Freya has a real voice and deserves to have her work read. This is the first author I’ve come across in the indie fantasy world that really has a voice. Make sure to check out her work on Amazon. You won’t regret it!

Thank you, Chris! It’s always a huge boost to an author’s esteem when people leave comments like this online. Chris’ writing is visceral and dynamic which I thoroughly enjoy reading. Which writer will you encourage today?

Don’t forget that The Rusalka Ritual is just 99c until 21st July – get it now before it’s too late!

Author Interview!

23 May, 2021

Thank you to Elysia Lumen Strife at for featuring me as part of her Author Interview series!

Find out what helps me write, what I write and why I write HERE!

And, if you enjoy the interview, please spread the word!

Coming Soon – Fire Daughter

2 May, 2021
dark rock
towers skyward
the shadow stretches west
creeps swiftly, hastening night's shade - 
now but with a threat of fire
erupting, exploding
shattering earth;
black death

butterfly cinquain © Freya Pickard 2021

I wrote this butterfly cinquain to encapsulate one of the things that Lored fears during the telling of Fire Daughter. What do you think? Will YOU buy it?

And available now is The Sound of Brilliance edited by Susi Bocks. This anthology features the brilliant work of 41 poets and writers. The pieces within these pages are the best of those submitted and showcased on The Short of It online magazine.

Catch Up – March 2021

7 March, 2021

I had a couple of pieces of poetry published back in December that I didn’t get a chance to share properly. So here they are!

Thank you to Sarah Connor at Sarah Writes Poems for publishing Finger of Light.

And thank you also to Spillwords for publishing Shortest Day!

I’ve also recently published Volume Six of The Kaerling series. If you’ve not yet started reading The Kaerling, Aura Vere is a good way to get into the story!

Aura Vere brings together the characters in previous volumes in a climatic dénouement that sets the scene for the continuation of the epic saga that is The Kaerling. You can watch my dynamic book trailer HERE!

And, another of my books, Dragonscale Leggings, is reduced from $5.99 to just 99c until 23rd March 2021! Grab it now, before it’s too late!

So far this year, my Newsletter readers got to hear about the launch of Aura Vere before my launch post appeared here on this blog. They’ve also been privy to a character study of Otta, one of the main characters in The Kaerling series. And this month they’ll receive a nonet sequence, Wavesong, accompanied by a beautiful seascape from Jonathon B. Hoyt! If you’ve not yet signed up to my Newsletter, click HERE!

My Patreon supporters got read to sample chapters from Aura Vere before anyone else in January. I’ve also been sharing some of my postcards and poetry including a painting of a dark orb, a crystal gorge and a mountain lake! Donations of $5 a month are currently receiving a series of linked stories set in the First Age of Nirunen about an iendu called Ebkah… And, I’ve also been talking about my expectations for 2021 and what is actually happening to me at the moment. If you’re not yet supporting me on Patreon, sign up today!

This is a scheduled post. I will read and approve comments when I next have internet access.

Aura Vere – on sale TODAY!

15 January, 2021

It’s available right now!

As she spoke, the stable door swung silently inwards and the noise of the carts increased in volume. A moment later a solid clunk sounded as the door closed and the sounds outside became a muffled, constant irritation.

Is that him? Erl stared at the man in black.

Otta nodded, swallowing hard. She found she was trembling from a mixture of fear and desire. Jas was even more handsome in the flesh than she had imagined. His face was lean and drawn. His black hair curled over the collar of his leather jerkin and he had several days’ growth of stubble on his jaw.

Without a word, Jas walked towards the twins. With the light behind him, he appeared as a threatening shadow. As he drew nearer, Otta could see his cold blue eyes and ice clamped down on her vitals. Erl seemed bewildered.

What does he want?



He’s going to kill me.


This is a short extract from one of the early chapters of Aura Vere! Find out what happens next when you purchase your copy of the book at: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Kobo, Nook, iTunes and other online stores! It’s just 99c / 99p until 11th February 2021!

Watch the book trailer HERE!


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