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Blogging Break!

18 July, 2017

Just a quick post to let you all know that I’m taking a break from blogging until October.
We are now in our mega busy season in the new enterprise that I have started and I need to concentrate on that.
And, as August generally sees the lowest visits to my blog due to the holidays, I didn’t think you’d miss me too much!
I will be back in October both here and at my other blog Pure Haiku!
See you when I see you! Much love Freya xxx
© Freya Pickard 2017
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Clean away…

29 April, 2016
Thank you for reading my “clippings” about Housewifery! It’s time now to put the dyson back in its cupboard and to give the dusters a wash.
I’m working on a number of drafts (new writing is still hard to come by) and earlier this week I launched myself at Patreon. You can watch my first ever video by clicking on the link; find out what I really look and sound like!
I’m taking another break from this blog until late June.
Meanwhile, I will be blogging once more at Pure Haiku. My guest haiku writers and I will be exploring CANCER over the next few weeks. Yesterday I shared a haiku sequence written as a collaboration with one of my friends. Hope to see you there!
© Freya Pickard 2016

Wednesday Words – Cancer & Chemotherapy

6 May, 2015
I’m back!
I am recovering from 6 months worth of chemotherapy. I am at home, learning how to rest and to not DO all the time… It’s actually impossible for me to do most of the things I want to. I simply don’t have the energy.
So, for now, I will continue to blog in one place at a time, alternating between here and Pure Haiku
My creativity still has not returned so I need to draw on the wealth of writing I was doing prior to being diagnosed with cancer. I can still write a clipping and a short form poem each day, but that’s the limit to my writing.
Thank you to everyone who’s carried on following this blog despite my inability to get online much over last few months. Thank you for all your comments and support – it has meant so much to me. I still can’t promise to respond immediately to comments/emails as I have to limit myself to what I can do each day. But please be assured; each comment/email is always gratefully read and appreciated.
© Freya Pickard 2015

To practice the art of Being…

4 May, 2015
Welcome back to Dragonscale Clippings!
I’ve just spent the last few weeks blogging over at Pure Haiku where I and my guests explored the theme of Music. Please take a look, if you have time, and let me know what you think!
Here, I’m still blogging about Being. It’s been something I’ve been preoccupied with for years now. But since being ill, I’ve only really discovered what true Being is. Doing nothing is not wrong. In fact, it’s essential as I recover. Once again, the clippings about Being appearing here over the next few weeks will be both historical and current.
Join me and enjoy the journey as we explore Being as it truly is…
© Freya Pickard 2015

taking a break…

13 March, 2015
Thank you for reading my clippings about “Being”. The chemo tiredness is cumulative so I will be taking a break from Clippings for a few weeks. I will be back on 20th March blogging at Pure Haiku where I and my guest haiku writers will be exploring the theme of Music…
© Freya Pickard 2015

An Explanation

6 January, 2015
Due to my chemotherapy treatment I have very limited access to the internet. I am getting to read and publish comments and answer a few emails only a couple of times a month. As I have two blogs, I am, for the time being, going to alternate between Pure Haiku and Dragonscale Clippings.
I am currently posting some rather windy haiku at Pure Haiku! (See the link to the right of this page – if the links are not showing, click on the dragonscales at the top of the page). I will return here to Dragonscale Clippings at the beginning of February.
Thank you for reading! And thank you all for your encouraging, inspiring comments – they are all treasured and read with much pleasure. Much love Freya xxx
© Freya Pickard 2014

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