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An interwoven storyline

15 March, 2023

For three days only, three of my books have been reduced to 99p!

Between 15th & 17th March 2023, you can download Olin Heon, Hidden Lands and Aura Vere, for just 99p each!

“I love the way this book interweaves subplots and characters from the previous three volumes with new ones as a fiendishly complex scheme starts to unveil to the reader!” Troy

This offer is available at ALL online stores (so long as my books are listed!)

Olin Heon and Hidden Lands introduce Lored, a taku-kevir, who returns home after escaping a Kimderin prison, to find all has changed. These two books also introduce Tari, an acolyte of the goddess Aqua.

“Freya’s ability to craft complex characters and create an interwoven storyline shows well in this volume!” Troy

Aura Vere brings the storylines of Lored and Tari, together with Otta and Erl (from volumes 1-3) in a climatic ending that sees them setting off on a quest none of them chose to partake in.

“We learn more of Lored who is probably my favourite character and the revelations about his past were both unexpected and intriguing.” smallblondehippie

Want to read subsequent volumes of The Kaerling before they’re on sale to the public?

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FREE Books!

8 June, 2022

Two things to tell you about today!

Firstly, my second poetry collection, My Mythology is currently FREE at iBooks, Nook, Kobo and many other online stores. And, if you’re not yet signed up to my newsletter, you can download My Mythology for FREE when you sign up only at My Book Cave! I’ve managed to get the price down to 99c on all Amazon marketplaces – for some reason, Amazon don’t like me giving my books away… If you’ve not read my poetry before, My Mythology is a really good introduction to the way my creative brain works and what my life is like!

A collection of poems inspired by myth and legend. Will you dare to walk on the fringes of fear or glance into the blank mirror? Are you brave enough to stand before the thunder god or receive the sun lord’s gifts? Can you survive the bewitching ocean song or escape from zombie mushrooms?

Secondly, my book, Silver Fire, is part of a wonderful Giveaway at the Summer Book Bash which runs until 30th June! Check it out before it’s too late and stock up on your summer holiday reading! If you’ve not yet started The Kaerling series, downloading Silver Fire for FREE is a brilliant way to get into the series!

Banished from their village, Otta, and her twin brother Erl, (who has lost his memory), must stay ahead of those who seek to kill them. Learning how to follow the unicorn’s trail and deal with her brother’s dark side, Otta must keep them both safe as she attempts to follow the commands of a shrineless god. This epic fantasy tale is a FREE download and begins the saga of The Kaerling.

Discover more of my books HERE…

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