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Garden – 8

19 August, 2020

how the tumbler tomatoes are so round, so shiny, so glistening with redness and warm to the touch when picked


© Freya Pickard 2020

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Garden – 7

3 August, 2020

wilting in heavy heat, fragile greenness of parsley, basil and coriander yellow, droop, await water


© Freya Pickard 2020

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Garden – 6

18 July, 2020

the shadow tide withdraws revealing green beach of grass


© Freya Pickard 2020

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Garden – 5

2 July, 2020

sweet, aniseed scent of freshly cut fennel, not overly cloying, rather pleasing and clean to my nostrils


© Freya Pickard 2020

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Garden – 4

16 June, 2020

slightly sticky, catching tip of runner bean plant, curling, flopping as I tie it to an upright support


© Freya Pickard 2020

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