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Cloud – 6

20 March, 2020

fired-sky; cold embers of dawn and dusk light fires beyond the grey horizon, reflecting a pink-red glow on the underbellies of clouds

Cloud 6 by Freya Pickard

Cloud 6 by Freya Pickard

prose & painting © Freya Pickard 2020

How much have you read of The Kaerling so far?!


13 February, 2017

The first Freyan Verse for 2017 is written by my friend, Jenny Poulter. What do you think? I love it!
For a full explanation about this poetical form that I have invented, please visit Freyan Verse. Feel free to write your own!
I’ve started making some videos about my writing! Please check them out at YouTube

Being 58

26 November, 2013
wide shafts of watery light bleached white by the wintry dawn descending at an angle from cloud to tree-line, making the tower a dark-grey silhouette
© Freya Pickard 2013

Being 57

21 November, 2013
washed out yellow that’s almost white
like a clear light bulb dipping beneath grey clouds;
winter dawn
© Freya Pickard 2013


29 October, 2013
light shafts
behind grey tower,
dawn edges above tree-line;
© Freya Pickard 2013
Originally published on 12 December 2012 at Simply Elfje

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