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Iron Sea

12 December, 2013
grey sea
receives moisture from
cold sunlit rain-clouds in
© Freya Pickard 2013
This an elfje. You can find out more about this poetic form at Simply Elfje

Centos – something different for December

3 December, 2012
A cento is a poetical work wholly composed of verses or passages taken from other authors; only disposed in a new form or order.
Earlier this year, in June, I lacked inspiration and creativity. Nothing I wrote had the “flow” and I felt tired and dry…
During this time I read a lot of poetry, and, inspired by a cento written for me by Jules Paige about my own novel Dragonscale Leggings, I decided to try my hand at this form of poetry.
A cento consists of around 10 lines specifically taken from another person’s work – I’ve used both poetry collections and novels. The idea is that you take 10 lines at random from the book and then create your own poem from it.
I haven’t stuck strictly to the rules, some of my centos contain considerably more than 10 lines and others use repetition. I went “with the flow” having no “flow” of my own.
Of course, using other people’s work infringes copyright, so I have gained written permission from each of the author’s whose work I have “creatively re-designed”. Thank you to all of them for indulging me…
So, for this month of December, read on and enjoy my centos and I hope you’ll be intrigued enough to go and buy the original works, just to find out how much I’ve diverged from it…
© Freya Pickard 2012

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