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Dragonscale Leggings – an excerpt

21 September, 2016

26th June, Mid-Morning
Who am I? Where am I? And what on earth am I doing here in the blazing hot sun outside a cave in the middle of a mountainous wilderness with the decaying carcass of some huge monster? I’m wearing really strange clothes and a green cloak type of thing. This cloak has pockets and in them I’ve found this notebook and pencil and something that makes me want to call it tinder and flint. Notebook is bound in leather with recycled type paper inside. The pencil is thick and stubby. The corpse really stinks. I feel sick.
On the way to be sick (not sure where I was going, there aren’t any loos round here), I found a white horse. It just stared at me and when I started throwing up behind one of the grey boulders lying around, it trotted off. I lay down for a bit, feeling vulnerable and pathetic. The white horse re-appeared while I was still feeling yuck and looked me up and down as if it knew me. Hauling myself to my feet I staggered over to it and hung onto its neck. It then led me step by step to a little gully where – how wonderful! – there was a stream! Water never tasted so good! Have a splitting headache so am going to sleep in the shade of a rock near the stream.
Headache gone. Stomach churning – perhaps the water was polluted. Feel light-headed. Horse has disappeared again. Sun not so hot. Brains completely scrambled. Am I really myself? I ask this because I am wearing the oddest pair of leggings I’ve ever seen. They look like grey and purple mottled scales. Very odd. I don’t remember buying them. I’m wearing knee-length leather boots, which are making my feet hot. I didn’t buy them either. The T-shirt I’m wearing I bought at a student sale. Aha! So I’m a student! What of and where at?
These are the opening paragraphs to my novel, Dragonscale Leggings, which is now available as an e-book!
© Freya Pickard 2016
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ice-blue eyes

20 September, 2016
lost, confused rider
tangled hair, ice-blue eyes
longsword, potato peeler
to recover her memories
clarity pyramid © Freya Pickard 2016
As I announced yesterday, my novel, Dragonscale Leggings, has finally been launched as an e-book! Please feel free to share and re-blog this post!

I’ve started making some videos about my writing! Please check them out at Dragonscale Leggings, The Rusalka Ritual, The Essence of Thyme and Patreon

Wednesday Words – dragon slaying

11 November, 2015
Dracomagan – who is she?
If you’ve read my novel, Dragonscale Clippings, you’ll know who I’m talking about. She was my alter ego at one time – visit Creation of Dracomagan to find out how she sprang into existence.
Dracomagan is of medium height and slim build; muscular rather than curvy, but not butch. She has long, dark hair that’s always in a mess. She wears long boots, dragonscale leggings and a leather jerkin. Her weapon of choice is a giant double-bladed potato peeler that she carries with her in a cylindrical scabbard slung over her back. She has ice-blue eyes and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Her occupation is officially Dragon Slayer, but she also has experience of slaying lots of other monsters too.
But what does she actually do? Apart from slaying dragons, ogres, goblins and the like?
She did allow me to interview her once, though that wasn’t an entire success. And she did once review Dragonscale Leggings; she’s of the opinion I didn’t get it quite right – what do you think?
Dracomagan finds adventure and conflict wherever she goes. I’ve written many short stories about her and several novellas. She lingers in my mind, nagging me to write more about her. And I will. Recovering from the trauma in 2014 has taken its toll; but wanting to write about my bad-tempered, blunt to the point of rudeness, down-to-earth, brave and loyal heroine, spurs me on to get back my full strength.
Meantime, if you need to find out what Dracomagan is currently getting up to, request my Newsletter and read the First Episode of The Essence of Thyme.
© Freya Pickard 2015

Chapter Twenty One

25 February, 2015
“I tried to call up St George just to get rid of the beasts but something odd occurred. I got two dragon slayers instead of one and neither of them was St George.”
“One was me,” I murmured. “And the other?”
“Sir Lancelot du Lac,” the old man snorted.
“Sir Lancelot?” The memories pressed in harder. “But he accused me of stealing his horse!” I took a sip of the tea. It had a smoky tang to it.
Merlin nodded. “He’s still at large. We need to find him.”
“We?” I looked at him in astonishment.
At that moment there was a loud explosion from the corridor and I jumped, spilling my tea. Merlin leapt to his feet, his eyes blazing.
“Excuse me,” he growled. “It’s probably one of the apprentices trying to get into one of the other rooms. One of the caustic spells has just been set off.”
He strode out of the room and has been shouting at a couple of people called Neptas and Imidgen for at least ten minutes…
This is an excerpt from my novel Dragonscale Leggings
You can read an excerpt from Chapter Nine at a previous Wednesday Words blog.
Visit My Books to watch the video and find out more about this novel!.
© Freya Pickard 2015

Review of Everwinter

24 April, 2013
Welcome back to the final day of Elizabeth Baxter’s Bite Sized Blog Tour…
“The world is not what I thought. I am not what I thought.”
A shift in weather systems force the Ral Torans, a city of engineers and scientists, to build a system of pipes beneath the city walls, in order to heat their homes. Everwinter increases its power, but Bramwell Tully, an engineer, is convinced science will protect them.
When Tomas, a Varissean from the north arrives, and Astrid, the Regal of Chellin, visits Ral Tora, strange events occur, that force Bram to question his perception of reality. “Secrets and lies. Layers of meaning.” This is a recurring phrase throughout the story and Bram initially believes this about politics. By the end of the tale, he realises that it is he who is the lie.
Peopled by strong minded characters, power hungry priests and politicians, the world of Thanderley isn’t not very far removed from our own. The old gods appear malignant, enslaving the world through the enroaching Everwinter. Can science overcome ancient magic? Or is there another way?
We meet Falen again, princess of Variss, the protagonist in Summer Storm. But nothing in this tale is as it seems and although some questions are answered, and others are part answered, the reader is left wanting more as Bram sails north into the heart of Everwinter.
If you enjoyed Circle Spinner and Other Tales, and Summer Storm, you will enjoy this novel too.
If you would like to find out more about Elizabeth Baxter please visit Small Blonde Hippy
To buy the novel, please visit Amazon
© Freya Pickard 2013

Excerpt from Everwinter by Elizabeth Baxter

17 April, 2013
Welcome back to Elizabeth Baxter’s Bite Sized Blog Tour…
An excerpt from “Everwinter” by Elizabeth Baxter…
Tomas’s eyes popped open.
“I come to warn you!” he cried. “The Old Gods are coming! They have captured the north! They are coming here, to Ral Tora, because you hold what they most desire. You must not let them find it!”
Samarin laid a hand on Tomas’s arm but he shrugged it off. “You have not seen what I have seen! Vias dorea! Vias dorea vo carthamon!”
He collapsed into a ball on the floor, arms wrapped around his head. Samarin waved at the guards who gently lifted Tomas to his feet and led him away.
When he’d gone Great Father Samarin said, “Anyone know what he was saying?”
“It was an ancient Varisean dialect,” Falen replied in a shaky voice. She turned her engineer’s badge over and over in her hand. “Translated he said, ‘Save me. Save me from the demons in the ice.’”
Her words shocked everyone into silence.
Find out if Tomas’s words are true by purchasing the novel from Amazon If you would like to find out more about Elizabeth Baxter and her writing, please visit Small Blonde Hippy Next week I will be reviewing “Everwinter”.
© Freya Pickard 2013

Cento – Everwinter

3 April, 2013
carved into the semblance of a woman, with a raven sitting on her shoulder
they had seemed so real and stirred up a vague recognition he couldn’t quite place
bodies were always heavier than expected
made from the finest silk, it was probably worth a month’s wages
the four banged their mugs together so hard that ale spilt all over the table
the sun was a red ball, sinking into the sea
the man’s hands moved continually, wiping at each other
a sharp tingling flared along his fingers
I live in a world where ice dragons live and sea dragons do my bidding
the king had gone mad
© Freya Pickard 2013
If you would like to read this novel by Elizabeth Baxter, please visit Everwinter
To find out more about Elizabeth Baxter please visit Small Blonde Hippy
Come back next week to find out more about Everwinter…

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