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Dragonscale Paintings: Sweet Pea

12 June, 2017
Here’s another of my abstract paintings…

I loved playing around with this colour. In my paint box it’s actually purple. But painting onto very wet paper dilutes the colour. The overall effect makes me think of wild sweet peas – that mass of pinkness!
I was inspired by Elisa Choi Ang’s workshops over at SkillShare Why don’t you try Elisa’s workshops? She makes painting accessible to everyone!
© Freya Pickard 2017
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Epod Emulation for Elisa Choi Ang

16 January, 2017

Here is another Escape Pod Emulation! A warm welcome to artist, Elisa Choi Ang!
The first of my items to take with me in the escape pod would be my Bible, as to me, it is the only book that matters.
Second would be my laptop as it is where I produce and store most of my work – that is also very important to me.
The third item would be my Art Tool Box as that is where I keep all the art materials I use that I need to make my art.
Fourth would be my wallet containing money that I may need to purchase things with once I reach civilisation again.
And my fifth item would, of course, be my mobile phone, not to call people with, but so that I can take photos!
Elisa Choi Ang is an artist who loves to empower people to make art inspired by their stories. She encourages others to sketch their lives in pen and paint in watercolor.
Elisa now has 2 classes available to participate in at her Online Class (see above link!). Now available is Sketch Your Life 2: Infuse Your Art with Creativity and Imagination This class inspires you to make your artwork engaging and personal to who you are as an artist, by exploring the techniques using one’s creativity, imagination and artistic style..
Come back next week to see the paintings Elisa has produced for me!.
And if you’re wondering what on earth an Escape Pod Interview is all about, please read Escape Pod Emulation.
© Freya Pickard 2017

lilac moonlight …

17 November, 2016

I enjoyed reading the third episode of The Oil of Sage. And I also loved Shadorma 6, it really appealed to me… E Stoker
Elfje 12 is so creative! I like how you compared the colors of autumn to that of rust which made it visually rich. Oil of Sage continues to excite me and it made me wonder if the crystal ball is the key to overcoming Nimue…can’t wait for the next episode! E Choi
Your pyramid poem was spot on. I have often thought of myself as a writer without words just lately. But sometimes there really are no words to describe the things that happen around us and to us. I do like the theme you have going in the small poems included in the zine. The theme of the planets is very atmospheric. I think number 6 is my favourite; Lilac moonlight that pierces the soul is a wonderful poetic suggestion. And thank you again for Dracomagan. Lovely writing and humour. And the analogy of “…pink as a summer rose…” to describe blushing is just gorgeous. Linda Turner
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Profound Insights…

25 April, 2016
Elfje 8 struck me making my imagination run and it is quite profound where I think of the web like the thread of our lives that somehow we are all connected to each other wherever we may be. The Oil of Sage was wonderfully written and has such contrast. Merlin’s rest was described peacefully making me feel relaxed before the interruption came and the rest of the story revolved around the other characters. I wondered what would happen next…I look forward to the next episode! E Choi
Many thanks for sending the last issue of Clippings. It is always such an inspiring read for me! I loved both the episode of the story, with its remarkable and powerful descriptions and the poetry you presented. I just loved the haiku so much! They convey profound insights and feelings, conjuring up strong emotions and vivid imagery in the reader’s mind and soul. C Messelodi
The first episode of The Oil of Sage is available now to read online! The story is a free read for my followers who subscribe to my quarterly Newsletter.
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© Freya Pickard 2016

The Essence of Thyme #14 more comments

7 December, 2015
I admired and enjoyed “The Essence of Thyme!” I love stories (clippings) that read as if you’re spying through a partially opened door. The story I read gave me an alluring and distinct visual scene; two intriguing characters; a third who within a few sentences become fully awake—and alive. The sly humor throughout made me smile. K Maher
Thank you for sending me your latest Clippings. The current issue is a courageous one as you share your deepest emotions on one of the most challenging parts of your life yet. The words on your poems about colostomy, tumour, chemo is filled with your experiences so vivid that we can almost feel your pain and grief and tiredness yet somewhere along the lines there is hope. The Essence of Thyme is slowly unraveling more answers in the adventures of Dracomagan and Parsley. There might be a little love story in the making. You have a way of keeping your readers coming back for your next instalment. Can’t wait! E Choi
I loved issue nr.14 of Clippings: as usual I found the story very intriguing, I felt really involved whilst reading it. I look forward to receiving your next issue in order to get to know what comes next! I just adore the way you describe the landscape and natural elements in it and the way the characters with all their characteristics and different personalities gradually emerge through the dialogues. As for the short form of poetry, my favorite piece of poetry is Haiku 10, excellent! Thanks for including my Poppies elfje, it was a real honor for me to see it on the cover page! C Messelodi
Want to find out more about “The Essence of Thyme”? Here is the link to the first episode that was published in December 2013. The Essence of Thyme #1 To read the rest of the story, simply email me at dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com with “Clippings Request” in the subject line.

© Freya Pickard 2015

Wednesday Words – Elisa Choi

7 May, 2014
Today I am giving over Wednesday Words to my friend, Elisa Choi. Elisa is a painter and earlier on this year collaborated with me to produce a beautiful front cover for my Newsletter.
Elisa started drawing when she was a child and began to explore painting in 2011. She paints the daily things in life, particularly nature. She is strongly drawn to strong colors, light and shadow, old and new.
The ephemeral beauty of everything moves Elisa to recreate it. Painting rekindles her senses, like seeing something for the first time. To be able to share this experience with others is humbling. Her biggest influences are the people who encourage her to keep going, and she admires the work of Jean Haines, Trevor Waugh and Joseph Stoddard. The messages she feels she is trying to get across to her audience are a mixture of nostalgia, hope, love, peace, happiness and most of all to let other people know about Jesus Christ.
Elisa paints mostly in watercolor allowing the brush to dance and the paint to blend and flow freely. She also paints in acrylics. When she’s not painting, she reads the Bible, Christian e-books and a few creative books, listens to pod-casts, brainstorms concepts to work for business, makes to do lists and sketches. When she hits a “dry spot” she walks with nature, does her chores and thinks of ideas. She describes herself as quiet, empathic, a listener, a planner and prudent.
Please visit her website at Harmony Thoughts to view her incredible paintings.
© Freya Pickard & Elisa Choi 2014

Wednesday Words – A Tree-ish Theme

5 February, 2014
… The cold sky was lost, drowned out by the large, round leaves of the strange trees. Each vast trunk rose brown and steeply straight, the same circumference from base as far as the eye could see. A faint scent hung in the air, encapsulated by ice. It was a juxtaposition of smells, where winter met summer.
The path wound up and down, travelling from gloom into twilight, from evening dimness to raincloud heaviness. How long they walked, Dracomagan could not tell but at length, green twilight gave way to pale daylight …
My Newsletter, Clippings #12, with a Tree-ish theme is now available to read!
I continue my short story, The Essence of Thyme (excerpt above) and have a fabulous front cover created by Elisa Choi. I’ve also included some dragony and dragonslayerish cinquains as well some winter haiku and clippings from my blogs. And I talk about the tree that fell on my car just before Christmas…
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