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Wednesday Words – “The King’s Mage” reviewed

6 August, 2014
Welcome back to the final day of Elizabeth Baxter’s Bite Sized Blog Tour…
I couldn’t put this book down. I kept making up excuses to sneak off and devour it. Easy to read and with an opening that is “straight in” to the story, I was hooked from the word go.
It’s not always easy to read the middle book of a trilogy. The proper beginning has happened in the first book and the proper ending will happen in the third book. However, The King’s Mage stands well enough alone without having to first read The Last Priestess. Baxter gives enough information without going over old ground to enable the reader to remember what has gone before, or, if they are new to the series, to want to read the first book.
There is a dark edge to Baxter’s writing. The terrifying darkness of Chaos is given form in this story; the mutilated stag, the hideous blood suckers in Roamsford Edge and the insanity of the Songmaker.
Amongst all the gathering doom, there are beacons of hope and light. Rovann and Maegwin find another Sentinel (I want one in my garden!) and meet the awesome Fenris. I like the way the character of Kandar is so misleading at first. Again, nothing is what it seems to be in this vividly drawn world.
And as Rovann and Maegwin get closer to the Songmaker, the shadows grow darker and the threat of unleashed Chaos grows stronger. Full of surprises and twists, this tale is definitely a re-reader.
This is the second book in The Songmaker series; the next book should be out sometime this year!
© Freya Pickard 2014

You can purchase this novel in both e-book and paperback format at The King’s Mage

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Wednesday Words – Excerpt from “The King’s Mage”

30 July, 2014
Today I am posting an extract from “The King’s Mage” by Elizabeth Baxter…
Rovann woke with a start. Searing agony throbbed in his right arm, sending spears of fire vibrating through his body. For a moment, it consumed him. He couldn’t think straight. He couldn’t see. Couldn’t hear.
But worse was a terrifying realization that he couldn’t breathe. His lungs strained for a breath that wouldn’t come. Something warm pressed against his lips, blocking his airways. Then his sight cleared to reveal a woman’s face close to his. Green eyes burned from a face covered in dirt and grime.
The day’s events flashed through his mind. He and Maegwin confronting Lord Cedric Hounsey only to discover he was already dead, a revenant held in thrall to the Songmaker’s will. The betrayal in Maegwin’s eyes as he, Rovann, invaded her mind to seize her power to enable them to escape.
More images flickered. The storming of Carrow Crossing by Hounsey troops. His vain attempt to hold them off while Captain Tyan, Mage Syrie and the soldiers escaped. The enemy arrow that exploded through his right forearm. Then finally the words Maegwin had whispered to him as he fell into unconsciousness.
Then finally the words Maegwin had whispered to him as he fell into unconsciousness.
Her hand was clamped tight over his mouth and nose.
It’s just you and me now, Rovann. And you’re all mine.
© Elizabeth Baxter 2014

You can buy this novel at The King’s Mage It is available in both Kindle and Paperback editions.

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Wednesday Words – Introducing “The King’s Mage”

23 July, 2014
Today I am talking to Elizabeth Baxter about her novel, “The King’s Mage”. It is the second in her Songmaker series and I want to know what inspired her to write it…
I have always loved and been inspired by those epic fantasy series where you can get totally lost in the world, where you share the hopes and fears of the characters and nothing less than the fate of the world is at stake. I wanted to write a series like that. I hope my characters are the kind of people my readers want to spend time with and I hope the world I created is one they care about. If they do, then I’ve done my job as a writer.
I do all my writing in my spare bedroom. Sounds a bit uninspiring, right? However, I’m lucky enough to live in a very beautiful patch of countryside so I can look out of the window and see rolling hills and trees. I love to sit with the window open and listen to the birds as I write.
I think it’s my experience as a reader that I’ve used in The Songmaker series. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve always loved do-or-die fantasies so I thought about what my readers would want to see in such a series and wrote it in. I hope I got it right.
My top main writing influences are: –

1. JRR Tolkien I’m sure every fantasy writer says this but it’s true. Reading The Lord of The Rings as a nine-year-old was one of the pivotal moments of my life. It’s what made me decide I wanted to be a writer and a fantasy writer at that.

2. Stephen Donaldson His Thomas Covenant Trilogy still ranks as one of the best I’ve ever read. He brings an intensity to his characters and to his writing that few other authors can. Most of his characters are anti-heroes to a certain extent and yet he is able to still have readers rooting for them.

3. Stephen Erikson His Malazan series was an eye-opener for me. I don’t think I’ve ever read a series on such an epic scale. His books spans millennia, different worlds and a host of characters. For me, he’s redefined what’s possible within the fantasy genre.

I’m currently finishing the third and final book in the series, The Traitor’s Song. Hopefully this will be out in the summer.
© Freya Pickard 2014

You can buy this novel at The King’s Mage It is available in both Kindle and Paperback editions.

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Come back next week to read an excerpt from The King’s Mage…

Wednesday Words – Parchment Poll June 2014

25 June, 2014
Ploughing on through my paperback bookshelf – no more new books until I’ve finished the lot… (Though if I receive books as presents, that’s different!)
Currently reading: –
“The Railway Man” by Eric Lomax
Although hard to “get in to”, it was well worth persevering with this fascinating story which travels from the depths of despair in a Japanese prison to forgiveness and love. 3/5
“The King’s Mage” by Elizabeth Baxter
Thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced, intriguing fantasy tale… Just want to read the final book now! Full review will appear in a few weeks time. 5/5
“Daphne du Maurier: A Daughter’s Memoir” by Flavia Leng Beautifully written but it’s really about Daphne’s daughter, not Daphne herself. 3/5
“The Lamb, the Beast & the Devil” by John Hosier
Not easy to read – a bit dry. The author just states what is obvious but the one thing in his favour is that he doesn’t try to twist the text out of context. 2/5
“The Place Of The Lion by Charles Williams
Awesome read! I don’t pretend to understand it all, but the images portrayed are glorious and terrifying. 5/5
“Yours, Jack” Letters from CS Lewis
Another inspiring and soul enlarging read. Well worth reading for the broadness of Lewis’ faith that never compromises his beliefs. 5/5
“Ivanhoe” by Sir Walter Scott
A swashbuckling romance set in the turbulent days of Richard the Lionheart and his brother John. There’s true love, betrayal, fighting, and a huge cast of characters, including the legendary Robin Hood. 5/5
Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?
© Freya Pickard 2014

The Last Priestess – Review

26 June, 2013
Welcome back to the final day of Elizabeth Baxter’s Bite Sized Blog Tour…
An unusual and thought provoking tale.
Set in a fantastical realm where magic and steel protect the king’s men against enemies, this is the story of Maegwin, the last priestess of Sho-la.
From the opening chapter where Maegwin wakes on the morning of her execution, to the final chapter and its sinister last line, this novel takes the reader on an intriguing journey.
I enjoyed the descriptions of the different realms and how they are used by the mages. There is plenty of swordplay and action, and, as one has come to expect from Baxter, a convoluted plot that teases and perplexes the reader.
The theme of The Last Priestess seems to be the two sides of every situation, person, event. Maegwin is a priestess of Sho-la, a peace loving, forgiving goddess. But after the death of her sisters, Maegwin discovers the dark side of Sho-la – a vengeance driven demon.
Rovann, the king’s mage, always tries to do what is right but sometimes he has to kill in order to protect his master. His inner conflicts are fascinating to read; the guilt of driving his wife to suicide, the guilt of the murdered innocents at Sanford Moor…
And behind all the events lurks the mysterious presence of the Songmaker who will do anything to rule the land, even using Chaos to work his magic.
Two sides, two faces; the Realms against Chaos.
This is the first book in The Songmaker series and I hope Maegwin and Rovann can finally trust each other, find both Leo and the Prince and overcome both Hounsey and the Songmaker…
© Freya Pickard 2013

If you would like to read this novel by Elizabeth Baxter, please visit The Last Priestess

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Thank you to Elizabeth Baxter for taking part in her fourth Bite Sized Blog Tour here at Dragonscale Clippings!

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