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Water Sister

15 September, 2022

Today I am launching Water Sister!

This paperback book contains volumes 7 – 9 of The Kaerling, a dark fantasy series that follows 4 companions as they are drawn together on a quest not of their making…

He knew he was dreaming but couldn’t wake himself up. He panted hoarsely, seeing his adversary standing before him. They circled each other and he controlled his breathing, aware of the pull in his stomach muscles where she’d punched him. He was furious at himself for missing her neck and only striking her shoulder. If he’d caused her arm to go numb, she wasn’t showing it. Neither was she showing any fear. That, in itself, intrigued him. But his orders were clear. Kill.

Her way of moving was familiar, but it confused him. It was as if she knew the patterns he did, but in a different way. She used linked phrases and many of her movements were unpredictable. He half wished he’d been ordered to capture, rather than kill her.

She moved, her triangular face lit by wavering lamplight. He followed her lunge and in the blink of an eye she’d changed direction and struck his thigh. He staggered and backed up as she rained blows upon him with her hands and feet. He felt a sharp, sickening pain as her fist smashed into his nose…

Want to find out what happened before this fight? Want to discover what happens after the fight? Purchase Water Sister today at ALL Amazon marketplaces!

“The pacing of this novel, and the interactions and dialogues between the characters, are perfect.”

C Messelodi

Prefer reading e-books? Water Sister contains 3 e-books; Uneasy Allies (99c until 30th September), Fair Wind & Elkadanu.

“I love the magic and different cultures that interact with each other. Just delightful and dreadful at the same time. “


Please take a moment to watch the book trailer HERE and, if you enjoy it, #PleaseShare and help me to #SpreadTheWord. Thank you!

“This is traditional fantasy at its best!”


What’s new?

1 September, 2022

Hello everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely summer! What’s new with you?

What’s new for me?

Well, I have another book coming out on 15th September. The title is Water Sister and it’s a paperback!

This volume contains 3 e-books; Uneasy Allies, Fair Wind and Elkadanu. The cover shows the complete picture by Kombmaker from which I created the 3 e-book covers. Clever hey?!!!

Water Sister will be available on Amazon from all marketplaces from 15th September 2022…

“This is the type of work that should be taken seriously by fantasy fans. Great book for any fantasy fan looking for a well crafted read.” Chris S

September Special Offer

In celebration of Water Sister being published, I’m offering Uneasy Allies at just 99c / 99p for the entire month of September! If you’ve not yet trespassed in the world of the The Kaerling, Uneasy Allies provides you with easy access to the main characters, their motivations, their journey and their goals. It also allows you to immerse yourself in the rich, natural world of Nirunen…

Uneasy Allies is available for only 99c / 99p at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and other online stores.

“I enjoyed reading this from start to suspenseful end!” Troilthulu

And, if you’re not yet signed up to my Newsletter, you can download Uneasy Allies FREE of charge through the Fantasy Frenzy Giveaway that runs 1st September to 30th September!

And, finally… Thank you to Spillwords for choosing me to be Author of the Month for July 2022! Check out my Q&A session with them HERE!

July Clippings

30 July, 2022

Reviews & Mentions

Thank you to Troithulu for your inspiring review of Uneasy Allies!

Thank you to Ruth for such a glowing review of The Kaerling series, and, in particular, Fair Wind and Elkadanu, both of which can be found at Amazon!

Thank you to Chris R Sendrowski for such an encouraging and heartfelt review of Elkadanu in May!

Thank you too to Priscilla Bettis for her wonderful review of my first collection of poetry, Insides, also at Amazon!

Thank you also to Shey for mentioning me and my book, Elkadanu at ShehanneMoore !


Thank you Susi Bocks at The Short of It for publishing 5 of my poems – these five, along with many others, will eventually be part of a collection of vampire verse…

Thank you Luna for publishing my poem, Fringes of Fear from my 2nd poetry collection, My Mythology at The Poetry Bar!

Thank you to Spillwords for publishing I Want It Darker, another of the poems that will appear in my vampire poetry collection which is due out in 2023!

Thank you to Mark at Lothlorien Poetry Journal for publishing NINE of my haiku!!!

Thank you to David Gardiner for publishing my short story, Beechmast Copse in Personal Bests Journal Issue 4!

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of Elkadanu, published in May. It’s only £1.99 – why don’t you treat yourself to it this summer?

Special Offers

My Mythology is still FREE on iBooks, Kobo and Nook. On Kindle, it’s just 99c! (Amazon don’t like me making my books free for some reason…) This is a book full of fantastical poetry about creatures out of legend and in other worlds and it’s only discounted until 31st July…

Silver Fire is available as a FREE download in the July Blowout which ends 31st July – so grab it quick! This is the first book in my dark fantasy series The Kaerling.

Dragonscale Leggings is also available as a FREE download in Imagine That Young Adult giveaway which also ends 31st July. I’ve never made this book available for FREE download before, so get it while you can!

And, a sample of Elkadanu is currently available to download, FREE of charge in the Sample Extravanga giveaway, and guess what? That one ends on 31st July too – funny that! This is volume nine in The Kaerling series, and is an excellent introduction to the characters and storyline.

Don’t forget to check out my OFFERS PAGE every month for freebies and sample chapters!

Changes …

I’m no longer able to use Facebook! It takes so long to load that I very often can’t read other peoples’ posts, or, if I can read them, I can’t respond to them. I also can’t always schedule posts on my Author Page. Very frustrating! So please don’t try to contact me via Facebook because I’m only checking in there every 1-2 months. If you need to contact me, either send an email to or leave a comment on this site.

Other News

Jonathon B. Hoyt with whom I have collaborated over the years in both my Newsletter and for the covers of my books, now has his very own blog! Please take a look and follow and like if you enjoy his work at Jonathon B. Hoyt.

Pure Haiku is once again CLOSED to submissions. Selected haiku from the theme of Volcano, will be appearing between 1st September and 30th November. Sign up to Pure Haiku to receive notifications! And thank you to everyone who sent in their haiku for my consideration!

August is a Rest Month for me so I won’t be online now until the beginning of September. I intend to work on my vampire poetry, read a lot of paperbacks, create pastel and watercolour pictures, listen to music and rest… See you in the autumn!

Much love Freya xxx

A fresh new voice

23 May, 2022

A fresh new voice in the fantasy genre with a style and skill reminiscent of Ursula K le Guin.

Wow! That’s how one reader describes me, the author of Elkadanu!

“This is one of those fantasy series that flies under the radar and really should have a wider audience. Freya has a real command of the written word and her pacing and beats flow perfectly, making the story a very pleasant read and the world an even greater pleasure to visit…”

Doesn’t that make you want to read Elkadanu?

Read the rest of the review from Chris S here at Amazon. And don’t forget to download YOUR copy of Elkadanu on Kindle UK, Kindle US, Kobo, Nook, iBooks and lots of other online stores!

What’s Elkadanu about, you ask? As Lored attempts to investigate the truth of the charges brought against Rue, the herb woman, Tari tries to hide her insecurities and doubts behind a facade of serenity.

Discover more HERE!


15 May, 2022

It’s here! You can now read Elkadanu at iTunes, Kobo and Nook as well as on Kindle!

Tari held the divining rod in her hands, feeling the peeled bark beneath her fingers. She walked slowly up and down on the short turf, all her senses open to the slightest quiver in her hands. Nothing.

As she walked, she imagined she was Undine, priestess of Aqua, who had been her protector, confidant and guide for nearly a year. Undine had been tall and slender and serene. Tari was not tall and was curvy, rather than slim and, until recently, hadn’t felt serene at all. However, the treu-priestess had learnt, that by just pretending to be Undine, she could feel calm and confident, and that, in turn, encouraged other people to think she was serene.

This was especially important in the Cathair on Kiros where everyone looked at Tari all the time. Her relationship with the Queen was secure but Tari couldn’t afford to let anyone else know how terrified she was of this role that Lored, the taku-kevir had thrust upon her.

Tari paused at the edge of the hill and set the forked hazel stick on the ground, releasing her fingers, flexing her wrists. She stared out over the land and sea, looking down at the Cathair below. From here, the castle looked small; the tops of grey walls and slate roofs were dull beneath the clouded sky. A pale road wound through the town below the Cathair, ending at the harbour with toy-size boats and ships at anchor. The ocean appeared flat and grey and stretched out in a large curve towards the far horizon. To the west, green, wooded hills cast shadows towards the castle, and, to the east, farmland gave way to a distant darkness that Tari assumed was the Wild Wood.

Above is a short extract from Elkadanu, which is being launched TODAY! It’s available at a multitude of book stores, including iTunes, Nook & Kobo and is also available on Kindle at ALL marketplaces.

Watch the Book Trailer HERE!

If you have a Spotify account you can listen to my playlist for Elkadanu HERE!

“This is a fantastic read. The characters are all well drawn and the landscape through which the characters move is just right – familiar and easily imaginable, yet quite magical as well.” W Thomas

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