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Dragonscale Paintings – 20170307

7 March, 2017
I’ve been trying out new things this year – what do you think of this?

I was inspired by Elisa Choi Ang’s workshops over at SkillShare
I find painting like this very therapeutic – it helps me relax mentally and stimulates my creative flow. I can only produce abstract paintings. I have lost the ability to draw properly – an effect of cancer/chemo perhaps?
Why don’t you try Elisa’s workshops? She makes painting accessible to everyone!
© Freya Pickard 2017
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Clippings 10 – Mists of Time

16 September, 2013
Fabulous decorations
Inside ruined villa
Sea creatures swim…
These are the first three lines of my poem Precise Patterns published in my September Newsletter.
Clippings # 10 has a theme which covers the mosaics at Fishbourne and the Lost Legion. I write about the results of my experiment Without Words and share excerpts from my blogs. Thank you once again to Jonathon B. Hoyt for providing me with the background for my poem.
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