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Lovely touches of humour …

8 February, 2017

I’ve just finished Rusalka. Loved it! All the stories gripped my imagination, forcing me to read on in anticipation. Your brilliant descriptive style, with lovely touches of humour, brought each character and situation to life so vividly for me. My favourite was The Rusalka Ritual itself, followed by most of the others, but particularly A Picnic at Knowles, with Dracomagon’s golf game! It’s a long time since I picked up a fiction book to read – other than a play – and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Keep them coming! D Henty

I received this lovely review of my first short story collection on Monday morning. What a wonderful way to start the week!

Have you read it yet? If not, it’s currently just 99p / 99c at most online stores this month.

If you have read this book of mine, I would really appreciate a review of it if you have time!

Have you seen my VERY short video about it at You Tube?

99p at
Amazon UK
99c at all the European Amazon sites as well as
Barnes & Noble

Although I have requested that Amazon US reduce the price to 99c, the lowest they seem to be able to get it is $1.22.

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The Rusalka Ritual …

15 December, 2016

Five tales set in fantastic locations; an arid canyon, a smoke-wreathed ale house, a moonlit sea, a haunted inn and a golf course …

Five tales encompassing human emotion; expectations disappointed, self-sacrificing love for the unlovable, will power that overcomes dark enchantment, bravery in the face of evil and fear of the unknown in hum-drum life …

Five narrative voices ranging from a young child, a redeemed murderer, a strong-willed young woman, damsels awaiting rescue and a retired banker haunted by death …

Available at Amazon UK, Amazon US, iTunes, Nook, Kobo, Page Foundry and Scribd

Find out more in Freya’s short video about The Rusalka Ritual and Other Stories

This collection is available as both a paperback and an e-book

These tales are very unusual and unpredictable; fantastic and full of optimism. A Winter

These are suspenseful stories. I want to read more. U Gohla

Such intriguing tales… Where can I buy more? J Poulter


23 November, 2016

There are a number of stories about Dracomagan that have been published now, so, if you’d like to read them in order, here’s the chronological list (oldest first).
Dragonscale Leggings Dracomagan’s Diary currently e-book only

Echo Peak Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection available in both e-book and paperback

The Truthseeker’s Tale – Patreon October 2016

A Mercenary’s Tale Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection

The Rusalka Ritual Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection

Once Upon A Darker, More Enchanted Time Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection

The Essence of Thyme Available as an e-book

The Oil of Sage Currently only available to those who receive my free newsletter!

Dining At Sparkles – Patreon June 2016

A Picnic At Knole Part of The Rusalka Ritual Collection

Keep up to date with new additions to this list at Chronology

The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories – just $1.99!

9 November, 2016

For those of my readers who buy through Amazon US, my short story collection, The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories, is still reduced in price, but is now $1.99 until midday on 11th November 2016.

Five tales from my fertile imagination to delight and intrigue you; a western setting, a tragic story, a twisted faerie tale, a sword and sorcery romp and a warning about checking your car brakes … The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories.

Five narrative voices ranging from a young child, a redeemed murderer, a strong-willed young woman, damsels awaiting rescue and a bold female warrior and a retired banker haunted by death … Check out the video at YouTube.

Hurry and buy it now, before it returns to its full price of $2.99!

The Rusalka Ritual – paperback!

5 October, 2016

It’s 7 weeks since I launched the e-book of The Rusalka Ritual and I am pleased to announce that the paperback is now available at Amazon!
In case you missed the original post, the collection consists of five tales giving the reader an insight into Dracomagan’s life after Dragonscale Leggings. The stories portray my heroine from varying viewpoints and deal with redemption, disappointment, dark enchantments and a morning of golf! I’ve made a video about it at TRRAOS!
I hope you enjoy reading the collection! Please feel free to share and re-blog this post!
© Freya Pickard 2016

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