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25 January, 2023

Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock

Original fantasy that’s in a league of its own.
Been meaning to read this novel for the last 30 years! Wish I’d read it sooner!
Holdstock has an original take on arch-types and myths. Engagingly told without the formulaic cliches of modern fantasy. I loved that Mythago Wood itself was one of the main characters in the tale. Have just bought the next 2 books in the series!

Eye of Blind by D Wallace Peach

This series is an enchanting and refreshing take on the traditional fantasy genre.
This story is readable by itself or as part of the Dragonsoul Quartet. The narrative is effortless and lyrical, the descriptions vivid without being long-winded.
The magic of Belonging is explored in new ways and the grim aspects of life are contrasted with a beautiful hope.
Definitely a re-reader!

Shadow Dancer by K J Baker

Taut and tense, this second instalment of Immortals of London follows Marney Stone as she disobeys her bosses and sets out in pursuit of the vampire she loves when he’s abducted by his clan-mother.
Fast-paced and action-packed, the plot involves a complex web of relationships including a new born vampire who hates what she’s become and ends up helping Marney! Brilliant!

The Contract: between heaven and earth by John W Howell and Gwen M Plano

A tightly written, fast-moving thriller involving a retired war veteran and an abused wife.
The plot is tense and the conspiracies intriguing. I really enjoyed the spiritual dimension to the story which gave this thriller an unusual twist. Can’t wait to read the next books in the series!

The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie

A rich mixture of cultural variety. This is mythological literature! Rushdie is a master of both storytelling and satire. This is a delightful read of the familiar (snowy England and the train line between London Victoria and Eastbourne) and the unfamiliar (India/Arabia). At the heart of the narrative is the exploration of Revelation and Delusion. Are they one and the same?

The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

This is the fifth time I’ve read this book. I first read it when I was 13. Every re-reading brings me something different. I love this tale of Arthur’s reign told from the view of the women of Camelot; Igraine, Vivian, Morgaine, Morgause, Niniane, Nimue and Gwenyfhar.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

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The Law of Substitution

15 January, 2023

Do you know what the law of substitution is and how it is executed in Vintrig’s Kingdom?

Vintrig’s Throne is HALF PRICE until midnight on 17th January 2023. If you’ve not yet read it, grab it today, before the price rises!

Here’s a sample for you:

She heard Hunter spitting on his hands before he took hold of the axe shaft for the killing blow. Images flashed into her mind: her nurse laughing and telling her tales of the old days, Helmgar cutting down an Eastern trader who had dared to touch her hand, Minah humming softly while she sewed, Blodig swearing eternal love for her beneath a star-filled sky, and Sama laughing and smiling, his blue eyes showing his love for her.

Hunter’s leather garments creaked as he picked up the axe. Isu heard the whoosh of air as he raised the instrument of execution above his head. She tensed herself, fearing pain from the blade as it cut through skin and bone. All she could think of was darkness and death; what was it like on the other side? The uncontrollable trembling ceased, replaced by a dull nausea. Hunter inhaled. Isu swallowed hard.

“Stay!” A voice called that made her heart pound painfully. “I invoke the Law of Substitution.”

Vintrig’s Throne is available from the following stores:

Kindle US

Kindle UK





This is a dark fantasy-romantic novel set in a kingdom far to the north in an ice-bound world.

“A good mix of realistic and fantastical elements, and a gripping, at first gritty storyline, the puzzles first presented in early chapters are resolved in the plot in a way that shows rather than merely tells!” Troy

Marriage and love weren’t supposed to be part of Isu Magan’s life. As Isu falls deeper in love with Sama Conn, her Counsellor works in secret in the shadows, preparing to ruin her. When Isu Magan finally takes the crown, it seems that all her dreams will at last come true. But her Counsellor has other plans and Isu finds herself on trial with her life at stake; only the Law of Substitution can save her… Vintrig’s Throne concludes Isu Magan’s tale in this climatic fantasy epic.

The journey continues …

1 January, 2023

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping 2023 will be an improvement on 2022!

Got lots of things planned for this year, including 3 new e-books in The Kaerling series, plus another paperback. And, I’m publishing my fourth poetry collection in the autumn!

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Wishing you all the best in whatever your endeavours are this year! Much love Freya xxx

New Book Covers!

23 October, 2022

Just had to share my latest news with you all!

I’ve recently been re-creating new book covers for The Kaerling series, in between writing the first drafts of volumes 13 – 15!

Jonathon B. Hoyt has been helping me and has even contributed several of his artistic photographs for the front covers!

The series now looks right for the tone and feel of my prose. The more I write of the tale, the darker the story becomes

I’ve also got new covers for my 2-book Romantic Fantasy series!

What do you think?

Did you know that you can become part of my creative process both at Patreon and as a Beta Reader?

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Interviewed at When Women Inspire!

8 October, 2022

When author Freya Pickard told me about releasing a new book in The Kaerling series, I knew I wanted to interview her. I’ve long been a fan of her writing, and The Kaerling series offers an epic fantasy tale for readers. Water Sister is the latest installment in the series, and the paperback contains three e-books in one. Water Sister is available now on Amazon.

Read the original post HERE …

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