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How to be a Writer’s Best Friend #4

20 October, 2019


Buy subsequent books by your author friend as soon as they are available. Repeat steps #1 – #3.


Insist on going round for coffee. She’s writing. Wait until you’re invited.

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wordless song brings truth

17 July, 2017

The life of a leaf and a fairy tale gone wrong … These were the themes of the poem and short story that were given as my July Rewards for my Patreon supporters.
If you missed out on these rewards, don’t worry! If you pledge your support for me at Patreon before 1st August, you will be able to access the August Rewards.
Once published, my books need to be promoted. This can only be done effectively if I pay established companies to promote my novels etc. Therefore, I am seeking to promote my books on a weekly basis and to do that properly, I need at least $30 per month. Without promotion I cannot sell my work. If I can sell a certain amount of books per month, I can then fulfil my dream of being a full time writer!
In August, my supporters will receive a previously unpublished lantune/haiku sequence about the songs of deep space and/or a previously unpublished story about a man who crosses the border into fairy land and starts to notice the world around him …
See you at Patreon soon!
© Freya Pickard 2017
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