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Emerging to Elementary Haiku

27 January, 2016
Since December last year I’ve had 7 poems published!
December 2015
Hedgerow (a lovely artistic and poetical blog) published my poem emerging in #59 of the ezine. It’s a poem in blank verse about the process of writing a novel.
I am really honoured to have had one of my haiku accepted for publication in the November magazine edition of Scifaikuest.
Dial 174 published 4 poems in #104; two blank verse poems Purple Textures (about lavender) and Birch Branches and Bracken (about a walk in English summertime woods) and two rhythmical (but not really rhyming) poems Gardens (based on gardens in the bible) and Finale (an amalgamation of biblical stories and Fay Sampson tales).
My haiku sequence Elemental Haiku appears in Kind of a Hurricane’s latest Anthology entitled Elementary My Dear.
What a great way to start the year!
© Freya Pickard 2016

Wednesday Words – Patterns to Lie-In

9 December, 2015
If you enjoy reading my clippings and short form poetry, you might be interested in reading my other poems and stories published elsewhere…
August 2015
I had two elfje, published online at Simply Elfje which you can read at Patterns and Poplar.
October 2015
As a spin off from my Wolf Haiku, I wrote some Wolf Elfje that appeared over at Simply Elfje at Wolf Mist and Wolf Wind. Dial 174 also published two of my longer poems: – Elemental Dancer and I AM.
November 2015
The Drabble published a 50 word story at Lie-In – 55 bloggers have liked it so far!
© Freya Pickard 2015

Storm Cycle

23 May, 2014
My haiku sequence, Aspects, has been published in Kind of a Hurricane Press’ 2013 Anthology!
You can read Aspects at Anthology.
© Freya Pickard 2014

March Hope to Drink…

16 August, 2013
If you enjoy reading my clippings on this site, then you might be interested in reading my poetry published elsewhere.
In April, several of my poems appeared in Tender Words including the full version of Silence as well as a short poem, March Hope.
In June two of my picture poems – Mermaid and Fish – appeared in the final issue of EoTE. You can read the poems, and the rest of the ‘zine here at Feathers & Fish-tales.
My haiku sequence, Aspects, appeared in Point Mass, a beautiful poetry magazine produced by Kind of A Hurricane Press in June.
Also in June I wrote a cinquain, inspired by Claudia Messelodi’s second poetry collection “Variations of Sky and Soul”. You can read my cinquain at a stream of small stones
In July I had 4 Garden Haiku and a poem, Life Within Life, published in #94 of Dial Magazine. To read this issue, please contact the editor at john (dot) claypole (at) btinternet (dot) com
This month I had a haiku published at K&ESR after I was inspired watching the news about their plans to extend the railway line to Robertsbridge.
Also this month I have had 3 elfje published at Simply Elfje on 12th, 14th & 16th. Thank you Libby!
Thank you for reading my blog. Every like, follow and comment is truly appreciated.
© Freya Pickard 2013

Aspects – Point Mass

21 June, 2013
My haiku sequence, Aspects, has been published in Point Mass, one of the many anthologies AJ Huffman is producing via Kind of a Hurricane Press this year. The poetry and prose are evocative and inspiring. I particularly enjoyed Voyager’s Lament by B Barker, To A Physicist by J Barker, Inner Space by J Lennon and Future by Z V Sesling. The e-version is free and can be downloaded at Point Mass
© Freya Pickard 2013

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