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Understanding – something different

30 September, 2016
This post is instead of a re-blog this week!
Those of you who follow me over at Pure Haiku, may already know M Sakran. He’s had a number of haiku published at Pure Haiku and has now brought out his first poetry collection called Understanding
There are 20 poems in the collection and each one has an extensive explanation to it. The poet reveals his original intentions, how things changed as he worked on the poetry and also explains why the form of each poem was chosen.
I was very honoured to be asked to write the Foreword to Understanding and would encourage you to buy this up-coming poet’s first collection.
M Sakran has several blogs, one of which can be found at M Sakran’s blog.
© Freya Pickard 2016

tanka 11

8 September, 2015
solitary oak
lets loose its acorn-bullets
clang-bang on car roof
autumn season’s last firing
as leaves kindle, burn to ash
© Freya Pickard 2015

The Last Priestess – Excerpt

19 June, 2013
An excerpt from “The Last Priestess” …
Maegwin de Romily woke with a headache on the morning of her execution.
As she roused from frightening dreams she became aware of smells first: damp stone, rotting straw, an undercurrent of urine. Next came sounds: the slow drip of water, the skitter of rats, the hushed voices of the other prisoners. Then finally, sight. Dawn sunlight fell through the barred window so brightly it brought tears to her eyes and made her head pound like a drum, beating out the rhythm of her heart.
She levered herself into a sitting position and clasped her head as pain rampaged through her brain. Last night, after she had smashed her knee into his groin, the guard had punched her so hard she was surprised to find all her teeth still in place. But at least he’d left her alone after that. A headache and swollen jaw were a small price to avoid rape.
She leaned forward, pressing her forehead against the cold, damp stone of the cell floor, hoping for some relief.
“Sho-La, my mistress,” she whispered. “Give me the strength to meet my death with honor. I am lost in the dark. Guide me.” The words echoed off the walls and faded into silence. There was no answer.
© Elizabeth Baxter 2013

If you would like to read this novel by Elizabeth Baxter, please visit The Last Priestess

To find out more about Elizabeth Baxter please visit Small Blonde Hippy
Come back next week to read my review of The Last Priestess…

Get Circle Spinner for free + read Summer Storm!

28 September, 2012
Today and tomorrow (28th & 29th September 2012) you can download “Circle Spinner and other tales” by Elizabeth Baxter on Kindle FOR FREE!
Simply click on the graphic of Circle Spinner to the right of this page and go directly to Amazon. (If you are viewing this page from an email link you will need to click on the dragonscales above to get to the front page).
Why is Elizabeth giving her short story collection away for free? Because she’s launching her novella, “Summer Storm” at the weekend… For more details, please visit her blog site at Small Blonde Hippy
If you would like to read an excerpt from Circle Spinner, please visit taster And if you would like to find out more about Elizabeth Baxter and why she writes, go to Wednesday Words
© Freya Pickard 2012

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