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Isu Magan Book One

13 January, 2016
We have been brought up on myths and legends. But, what is myth? What is legend? The wars and loves of the gods were fed to us with our mother’s milk. Everything around us could be explained by the acts of the gods and the whims of goddesses. But how do legends start? How does a myth begin?
Our traditional narratives tell how the world began, though we are but relative newcomers in this land. Our legends are remarkable and the feats in them impossible for the lesser men of our day. But now our myths have been explained away and our legends have lost their enchantment. The Counsellor has decreed that all “stories” are to be set aside and only remembered on our Feast Days as a special entertainment.
No more must we think of Sonen’s blessing, unless it be on Thaw Day. No more must we remember Deyja’s curse turning peaceful death into a dark nightmare. We must think of our old tales as imaginary, explaining natural and social phenomena. The Counsellor mocks our fictitious songs, calling them “widely held but false notions”.
Why do we hear no outcry? Because the gods have forsaken us. We cannot trust them any more, not after what they have done…
I’m looking for feedback on these opening paragraphs… Do you want to read more? If you were to buy the book, what format would you purchase? What do you think happens in the story?
© Freya Pickard 2016

cinquain – 7

24 November, 2015
clouds ascend in
riotous formation
grey bulks pouring, evaporate;
© Freya Pickard 2015

Merging – 5

15 November, 2012
Silent, still grey tree trunks; white birch merging into greyness beyond sight; am I passing through the deserted forests beyond the mountains, travelling with Beren before he finds Luthien, or am I in England in the dead of winter?
© Freya Pickard 2012

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