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Aura Vere – Cover Reveal

9 December, 2020

This is the cover for my forthcoming book, Aura Vere! Do you like it? Will you buy it?

Aura Vere is the sixth volume of The Kaerling and finally brings together the storylines of Lored and Tari with Otta and Erl!

If you’ve not yet started reading The Kaerling saga, give it a go now! The first book, Silver Fire, is a FREE download! Subsequent books are just $1.99 and whenever I launch a new book, the price is just $0.99 for the first few weeks!

Paperback Books!

22 October, 2020

I LOVE paperback books!

I always have done and always will. Although my Kindle is useful and stores lots of volumes without me having to fill my bookcases, it’s just not the same as a real book.

I never liked hardbacks – too heavy and awkward to hold in bed or the bath. But paperbacks – they’re flexible and light and easy to conceal in a coat or handbag.

I hardly ever get rid of paperbacks. My bookshelves are doubled stacked with them. I re-read them again and again because the books I bought in the 1990s & 2000s are still relevant today. And if I do get rid of paperbacks, I always give them away to a charity shop…

To be honest, the last time I went into a bookshop and looked at the paperbacks, there just wasn’t anything there that grabbed me. I buy paperbacks online because I like the author. That’s it. I NEVER buy a book because of its cover – mostly the covers confuse me, because if the cover shows a character, I can’t find them in the book! I have a strong imagination and I don’t need a book cover to tell me what the main character is supposed to look like.

I apply all this to the design of my own book covers. I only have a few paperbacks available, because they are so difficult and time consuming to prepare. (And when you try and order proofs from KDP they don’t always let you…!) However, I am very happy with my cover designs. I use a mixture of Kombmaker’s sketches and paintings, and also commission Jonathon B. Hoyt to use photographs to create front covers. Each of my covers gives the potential reader a genuine glimpse into the book’s subject matter.

How many of my paperbacks have you bought so far?

The Day of Weird

This Is Me

Dragonscale Leggings

The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories

Vintrig’s Kingdom

Vintrig’s Throne

© Freya Pickard 2020

e-books $5.99

4 September, 2020

How many of my larger e-books have you bought and read so far?

Most of my e-books are 30,000 words or less and are therefore priced around $1.99. However, I do have some longer volumes available and they are priced accordingly.

So, if you’re considering treating yourself this autumn to a new read, why don’t you try one of my longer novels?

Dragonscale Leggings is just $5.99 and if you enjoy fantastical humour, then this is the one to buy.

“We have a combination of great storytelling and great characters. Dracomagan is a kick ass 21st-century gal who winds up in a land of Arthurian legend with the job of being a dragon slayer. But she doesn’t let this get in her way, and goes about her business with a blatant disregard for the rules of the day and with a witty sarcasm that often had me laughing out loud.” E Baxter

If you prefer a bit of romance mixed in with your fantasy reading, why don’t you give the Isu Magan books a try? There are two volumes, Vintrig’s Kingdom and Vintrig’s Throne and they’re $5.99 each.

“I enjoyed this book from the very first read. With a good mix of realistic and fantastical elements, and a gripping, at first gritty storyline, the puzzles first presented in early chapters are resolved in the plot in a way that shows rather than merely tells! Four thumbs up!” Troy

And if you’ve already read these volumes and want to know more, sign up to my Newsletter to get a free story about Dracomagan every month, or, if you like a more in-depth view into an author’s life, become a supporter at Patreon!

And, if you like looking at pictures, both the Dracomagan and the Isu Magan tales have a board of their own on my Pinterest account at Otherworld!

$1.99 books

4 March, 2020

Do you like to buy cheap books?

If you do, I have some excellent books that I’ve published myself. Each of the books featured in this post costs just $1.99 / £1.99 or less.

The Essence of Thyme

The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories

Xmas @ Camelot II


My Mythology

Silver Fire


An Ancient Song

Olin Heon

If you enjoy reading my posts, I would love it if you could buy just one of my books today. These are the cheap ones. There are more expensive ones (up to $5.99 / £5.99) which you can read about at My Books.

Just because they’re cheap does not mean they’re rubbish. Each of my books is unique and different. I don’t write to a formula. I write from my imagination. If you like quirky and off-the-wall, you’ll enjoy my writing.

Go on! Give these books a go. They’re not going to break the bank! The Kaerling e-volumes are currently 99c – until 1st May 2020! (They’ll be going up to $1.99 in May!)

And, if you enjoy my writing, please leave a positive online review!

Much love

Freya xxx

© Freya Pickard 2020

2019 ends …

15 December, 2019

Thank you for reading this post.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Thank you for leaving comments and likes and making my day when I’ve been struggling this year.

Thank you for downloading my free book, Silver Fire.

Thank you for buying my other books online.

Thank you for reviewing my work and enabling me to keep on selling my books.

Thank you for being my audience.

Thank you for everything.

Have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a peaceful, inspiring and creative New Year!

See you all again in 2020!

Much love

Freya xxx

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