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Dragonscale Portraits 20171016

16 October, 2017

Freya descends from her ivory tower 10 minutes before Joey’s dinner is due…
Yay! Yay! Yay!
Freya’s here!
That means dinner will be served immediately!
Yay! Yay! Yay!
Uh, Freya, why is the kitchen door still closed?
Oh no! She’s got that black box thing that flashes in my eyes. Why? It’s dinner time!!!!

What do you mean it’s not time for dinner?
But when you float downstairs at this time of day it’s always dinner time.
It’s not fair.
You don’t love me any more…
Ow! Stop the lightning from flashing in my eyes!
I’m starting to feel really pissed off now.

Will you STOP taking photographs of me!
I’m NOT a film star.
And you’re not paparazzi.
Last time I checked, Freya, you were claiming to be an Author!
No! I won’t stand still!
I need sustenance – now!

I’m so hungry, I could eat a hamster!
Though they’re so scrawny, one wouldn’t be enough.
Maybe two or three, or maybe even four might stave off the hunger pangs.
I’m as hungry as a wolf!
And I’ve heard that wolves eat humans…
Although Freya’s a bit skinny, she’s starting to look quite appetising!
She is, after all, human, for all her prancing around with her pointy ears.

I’m bored.
I want my dinner.
I will faint if I don’t get fed soon.
Where are you going, Freya?
Is that the kitchen door opening?

Yay! Yay! Yay!
Freya’s in the kitchen!
Dinner! Dinner! Dinner!
Of course I’d never eat you, Freya!
You’re too wonderful for words!
Yay! Yay! Yay!
Biscuity-meaty smell! Heaven!
Excuse me, busy now. Have to eat…

With sincere apologies to the Dudes over at Shehanne Moore’s Blog.

© Freya Pickard 2017

Wednesday Words – Lynds Jennings

13 May, 2015
Last year I published a series of Wednesday Words about Inspiration. You can find the four people I featured if you click on the dragonscales above to get back to the main page and look on the right hand side for Allies.
Lynds Jennings submitted some words about Inspiration, but, due to being ill with cancer and having chemotherapy, I didn’t find the email until earlier this year. Lynds had some really encouraging and inspiring words for me during the dark time of chemotherapy. I tried the visualisations, as Lynds suggested. I imagined myself healed and whole, dancing to energetic music. And guess what? It really helped, particularly on those days when I was so tired, I couldn’t even read.
Lynds is a Textile Artist, Silk Painter and a Writer of Small Pictures. If you’d like to find inspiration in pictures and words, please visit Dragonsilk.
And here is why Lynds was inspired to start writing…
“I had never thought to write. But then I began to look for joy in a darker day, to find brightness, silver linings in grey clouds. And to try to describe those moments as a picture in words. Precious.”
Thank you, Lynds, for your encouragement and for your delightful pictures and words at Dragonsilk.
© Freya Pickard 2015

A Picnic At Knole

26 January, 2015
Just to let you all know that I’ve had a short story about Dracomagan published in Liphar’s second story collection.
Liphar Magazine is a collection of art, literature and photography. Their second story collection contains 20 stories from 20 different authors. It’s a real variety that has something for everyone.
A Picnic At Knole is set in this world on the golf course at Knole Place. Dracomagan and Greenpea attempt to have a picnic lunch and are attacked by violent golfers. Needless to say, Dracomagan fights back and also manages to upset the general public with her view on the numerous deer roaming around the grounds. Meantime, the golfers are stalked by a figure in black and the main character realises, too late, he should have got his brakes checked…
This is what wccunningham had to say about it, “I just read it. Loved how the two different scenes merged. And yes, car maintenance is important. Well written and congrats!”
If you would like to read my story, the story collection is available from Spangaloo Publishing
© Freya Pickard 2015

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