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Aura Vere – Cover Reveal

9 December, 2020

This is the cover for my forthcoming book, Aura Vere! Do you like it? Will you buy it?

Aura Vere is the sixth volume of The Kaerling and finally brings together the storylines of Lored and Tari with Otta and Erl!

If you’ve not yet started reading The Kaerling saga, give it a go now! The first book, Silver Fire, is a FREE download! Subsequent books are just $1.99 and whenever I launch a new book, the price is just $0.99 for the first few weeks!

Day 2: Finger of Light — Sarah writes poems

3 December, 2020

A huge thank you to Sarah Connor at Sarah writes poems for featuring “Finger of Light” yesterday as part of her poetry advent calendar! Check out the different images for each day HERE!

iron earth so coldsugar-touched rusted brackenfrosted grass splinters reel towards the sun once moredraw light into darkened vales foreshadowed healingsacred flesh, innocent blooddivinity’s touch belief and faith glow prayer-likecandle flame searing the night grey stone archway framesarrow-like finger of lightpiercing this dark heart © Freya Pickard 2020 Freya Pickard is the Author of The Kaerling series, […]

Day 2: Finger of Light — Sarah writes poems

Wake up and Smell The Corpses by Freya Pickard at

27 October, 2020 presents: 13 Days of Halloween: – Wake up and Smell The Corpses, poetry by Freya Pickard – The dark moon hangs above us…

Source: Wake up and Smell The Corpses by Freya Pickard at

A huge thank you to Spillwords for publishing my poem “Wake up and smell the corpses” as part of their Halloween Celebration!

Please take a few minutes to read it and vote! Many thanks!

Paperback Books!

22 October, 2020

I LOVE paperback books!

I always have done and always will. Although my Kindle is useful and stores lots of volumes without me having to fill my bookcases, it’s just not the same as a real book.

I never liked hardbacks – too heavy and awkward to hold in bed or the bath. But paperbacks – they’re flexible and light and easy to conceal in a coat or handbag.

I hardly ever get rid of paperbacks. My bookshelves are doubled stacked with them. I re-read them again and again because the books I bought in the 1990s & 2000s are still relevant today. And if I do get rid of paperbacks, I always give them away to a charity shop…

To be honest, the last time I went into a bookshop and looked at the paperbacks, there just wasn’t anything there that grabbed me. I buy paperbacks online because I like the author. That’s it. I NEVER buy a book because of its cover – mostly the covers confuse me, because if the cover shows a character, I can’t find them in the book! I have a strong imagination and I don’t need a book cover to tell me what the main character is supposed to look like.

I apply all this to the design of my own book covers. I only have a few paperbacks available, because they are so difficult and time consuming to prepare. (And when you try and order proofs from KDP they don’t always let you…!) However, I am very happy with my cover designs. I use a mixture of Kombmaker’s sketches and paintings, and also commission Jonathon B. Hoyt to use photographs to create front covers. Each of my covers gives the potential reader a genuine glimpse into the book’s subject matter.

How many of my paperbacks have you bought so far?

The Day of Weird

This Is Me

Dragonscale Leggings

The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories

Vintrig’s Kingdom

Vintrig’s Throne

© Freya Pickard 2020

Catch Up – Freya’s writing is online!

8 June, 2020

Due to the lockdown, I’ve had more time, not just to write, but to send stories and poetry out to magazines. Result – I’ve had a few bits and pieces published recently!

I do try to re-blog online publication posts, depending on how much is happening on this blog. So, in case you missed the re-blogs, or, I wasn’t able to re-blog due to launching The Butterfly Tree etc, here’s a quick catch up for you!

Please click on the links below, and, if you like what you read, please share!

My Nonet, Terraformed, was published in March over at Festival For Poetry

This poem will eventually appear in my Arturina collection – when I get round to finishing the storyline and publishing it!

My short story, Eldr Orvar, was published in April by Swords & Sorcery Magazine

This story is about a bunch of misfits who have to work together in order to leave the city they’re trapped in.

Both I Write Her, and DreamNoirArt, have recently showcased some of my short form poetry!

And, in case you missed it, I published a short story collection, The Butterfly Tree & other stories in May and Smorgasbord Cafe featured it just recently!

I hope you enjoy reading these published pieces, and, if you like them, please share!

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