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Freya’s Newsletter

17 February, 2020

This year I am trying out something different from my usual Newsletter!

This year there will be no more pdfs. Instead, I will be producing a much shorter Newsletter once a month.

This year I will be rotating an insight into my real life, a poem from my inner landscape, a character study and an episode from the current free story.

I received the last issue of clippings at the end of August, I found it wonderful! The episode is so funny and intriguing, your poetry excellent. I really loved all of your elfje, which present very vivid and powerful images and scenery. C Messelodi

This means you’ll get something a bit different each month and will hopefully get a glimpse into my life as a writer.

Once again I’m working with photography, Jonathon B. Hoyt and artist Elisa Ang Choi.

Are you on board yet? If not, you can sign up safely and securely HERE!

Welcome to my world. It’s a strange place but full of unexpected delights and dangers …

If you prefer to understand me on a deeper level, then further insights into both my real life and my creativity can be found at Patreon!

© Freya Pickard 2020

Taking Root to Bronze …

16 December, 2013
If you enjoy reading my clippings on this site, then you might be interested in reading my poetry published elsewhere.
In September, Dial 174 published several articles as well as my short story, “Taking Root”. I also had my poem, “Purple Textures” published by Dr Hauschka on Twitter
In October, my poem “Red Dawn” was published in Eventide a sailing magazine edited by Elizabeth Leaper. I also had poetry published at Simply Elfje and The New Writer #116 Four of my short poems appeared in a wonderfully creative magazine The Paperbook Collective edited by Jayde Ashe. And I also took part in a Renga Chain! You can see the end result at Renga
And in November, I had an elfje, Bronze, published at Simply Elfje
Thank you for reading my blog. Every like, follow and comment is truly appreciated.
© Freya Pickard 2013

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