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Reflections & Revelations

10 May, 2023

Today I’m re-blogging a post by Susi Bocks at I Write Her!

The big news is that Reflections & Revelations, a poetry anthology edited by Susi Bocks has now been published! 5 of my poems can be found within its covers… (There 5 are taste of what is to come in my own poetry collection later this year in Vampirical Verse!)

Please support this creative collaboration! Read the full post here…


The Short of It

6 May, 2022

A HUGE Thank You to Susi Bocks for publishing 5 of my poems on I Write Her in April!

#PleaseShare if you enjoy reading my poems and check out all the other amazing posts on Susi’s blog!

Book Reviews – June 2021

3 June, 2021

Every Day I Pause by Susi Bocks

Mindfulness with a huge difference. I love this collection of poems, thoughts, reflections and stories. Reading this book kept me grounded through an extremely stressful business sale and house move. I found myself identifying with much of what Susi writes about. And the things I read that were new to my experiences both inspired and challenged me. Undefinable – this is a must read for anyone who needs some inspiration and reflection in their life!

Shadowrise by Tad Williams

I didn’t want this book to end! Tad Williams’ worlds are a delight to wander in. His writing is detailed and flows without slacking. His characters are charming and grotesque and the variety of cultures he writes about is staggering. In this volume, the separate storylines come together as the plot sharpens towards the climax. I have to read the last book soon!

And I’ve also been reading books written by Troy David Loy. If you are into science fiction, I highly recommend his writing! His books are witty, fast-paced and, for a complete techno-idiot such as myself, easily understandable! His first person narratives in particular are sympathetic and alluring. Check out my reviews at Amazon of: – Dirge; Rite of the Dinathog, Echoes of Forsaken Galaxies and Fractal Shards.

Troy David Loy has also collaborated with Sharmishtha Basu on two collections of short stories. Gehenna Parables is an easy to read collection of chilling tales. Witty and amusing, these stories are a creepy commentary of how modern life overlaps too often with the unexplained. Missives from the Chimerical is an outstanding story collection. The Child in the Woods is an absolute masterpiece. Both thought provoking and light hearted in turn, these tales are windows into another, more natural fairy-tale world.

If you prefer poetry and short prose to fantasy and science fiction books, please consider buying a copy of The Sound of Brilliance edited by Susi Bocks which was released last month! It’s full of amazing thoughts and poems, including several pieces written by me!

By the way, since April I’ve been selecting themed posts to tweet about at @FreyasClippings so if you’re in need of some inspiration, come and join me! I generally tweet there every other day and choose a theme or simply share random posts that have caught my eye…

Freya Pickard — I Write Her

25 May, 2020

Odyssey sailing Sailing dark-lit seas measuring infinity’s length traversing star held territory; explorer velvet Claustrophobia; wrapped up in velvet darkness bright stars blinking past universe sharp solar light flares slants between blue, wooded worlds; distant universe stars the wideness of stars agoraphobia chokes no central anchor transient no refuge; transient world – keep moving man […]

Freya Pickard — I Write Her

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