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Rumour ends …

7 December, 2019

Did you get the September issue of my Newsletter?

Clippings September 2019

Clippings September 2019

This month sees the conclusion of my short story Rumour as well as the last few haiku and elfje about my explorations of Dartmoor.

still air with sharp touch

decorates flaxen grasses

tracery of ice

© Freya Pickard 2019

I love the amazing image Jonathon B. Hoyt produced for the front cover using one of my photographs! What do you think it depicts?

Clippings December 2019

Clippings December 2019

In this month’s issue I also attempt to describe how I fit in some writing during the months when our B&B is closed.

If I am in the middle of a sentence when the phone rings, I have to save the document and leave it there. I have to switch from creative mode to business mode and sometimes I lose the thread and never get the words back again for that particular moment …

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Whenever you describe a scene, I don’t need pictures; the images are so clear in my mind. From ‘a chill wind rattled the dead leaves’ and ‘only the wind moaned,’ right through the end, you have such a unique, expressive and eloquent usage of words. S Evans

Insides – still only 99 cents!

14 December, 2016

Hurry! Hurry! The reduced price of my poetry collection, Insides, will revert to the full price at midday on Thursday, 15th December 2016… If you purchase books from Amazon US, you’ve only got a few hours left to get hold of a copy of Insides for just 99 cents!

Learn how I accepted cancer, embraced it and determined to be rid of it, whatever the cost.

Discover how frail I felt after surgery, how long it took me to come to terms with losing my womb.

Become aware of the mental anguish of those who have had cancer and chemotherapy; how alien they feel, how disjointed and out of synch they find themselves when “it is all over”. For it is never “all over”, as I discover and start to learn to live with the aftermath of deathly trauma.

Check out this moving video at YouTube.

Be inspired by this true life story …

Insides – still only 99 cents!

13 December, 2016

My first poetry collection, Insides, is still available to buy at a reduced price at Amazon US. It’s still only 99 cents until midday, Thursday, 15th December 2016…

Insides is a mixture of short form poetry blended with my “clippings”. To tell the tale of my darkest nightmare, I use blank verse, haiku, tanka, cinquain, elfje, lantune and my very own freyan verse.

The poetry ebbs and flows from despair and fear to determination and sheer grit to get me through to a stage of recovery. But, as I find and express through my journal notes which find their way into short form poems, recovery happens in many stages and isn’t as immediate as I hoped or wished.

This collection will bring comfort and renewed determination to anyone dealing with a life-threatening illness. And, it is hoped, that those on the edges, watching from afar, will be enabled to identify more with the sufferers of cancer.

Check out this moving video at YouTube.

Get a glimpse into the amazing world of a cancer survivor…

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