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Understanding: poems with explanations

7 February, 2017

When M. Sakran told me about his collection of poetry and asked me to write an introduction, I was intrigued!
The title in itself, tells you a lot about the collection – Understanding: poems with explanations. Why explanations? So, I read on. I’m not going to repeat my introduction here – you can read that in his book! Instead I’m going to tell you a little about my reactions to his poetry.
Understanding struck a chord with me because a lot of the poems explore death, cancer and suicide, as well as other situations that most people might not feel comfortable with. This is not to say that the collection is depressing. It is a very clever collection that makes you think and opens your eyes to other possibilities in interpretation. I loved how although I liked my interpretation of his words, sometimes, M. Sakran had half a dozen different thoughts going through his head while he wrote the poem. In a way, Understanding is a study of the creative process as well presenting some intriguing and thought-provoking poetry.
He uses both blank and rhythmical verse, sometimes with rhyme that does not detract from the meaning of the poem whatsoever. His poems are generally short and have a powerful impact with their words. His imagery is intriguing and his use of prose poetry in Distortion and Waiting are particularly effective.
Here and On The Floor were the 2 poems I identified most with having been through cancer myself. But Finality and Ridden also touched me, having seen an elderly relative die last year. And in Darkness & Dawn, the reader has nothing but sympathy for the suicide victim.
M. Sakran is an empathetic poet whose creative process is as fascinating as the poems he produces.
His books can be purchased at
First Try
You can read M. Sakran’s EPod Interview at 20170206
You can follow M. Sakran at
M. Sakran’s Blog
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Understanding – something different

30 September, 2016
This post is instead of a re-blog this week!
Those of you who follow me over at Pure Haiku, may already know M Sakran. He’s had a number of haiku published at Pure Haiku and has now brought out his first poetry collection called Understanding
There are 20 poems in the collection and each one has an extensive explanation to it. The poet reveals his original intentions, how things changed as he worked on the poetry and also explains why the form of each poem was chosen.
I was very honoured to be asked to write the Foreword to Understanding and would encourage you to buy this up-coming poet’s first collection.
M Sakran has several blogs, one of which can be found at M Sakran’s blog.
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