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Water Sister

15 September, 2022

Today I am launching Water Sister!

This paperback book contains volumes 7 – 9 of The Kaerling, a dark fantasy series that follows 4 companions as they are drawn together on a quest not of their making…

He knew he was dreaming but couldn’t wake himself up. He panted hoarsely, seeing his adversary standing before him. They circled each other and he controlled his breathing, aware of the pull in his stomach muscles where she’d punched him. He was furious at himself for missing her neck and only striking her shoulder. If he’d caused her arm to go numb, she wasn’t showing it. Neither was she showing any fear. That, in itself, intrigued him. But his orders were clear. Kill.

Her way of moving was familiar, but it confused him. It was as if she knew the patterns he did, but in a different way. She used linked phrases and many of her movements were unpredictable. He half wished he’d been ordered to capture, rather than kill her.

She moved, her triangular face lit by wavering lamplight. He followed her lunge and in the blink of an eye she’d changed direction and struck his thigh. He staggered and backed up as she rained blows upon him with her hands and feet. He felt a sharp, sickening pain as her fist smashed into his nose…

Want to find out what happened before this fight? Want to discover what happens after the fight? Purchase Water Sister today at ALL Amazon marketplaces!

“The pacing of this novel, and the interactions and dialogues between the characters, are perfect.”

C Messelodi

Prefer reading e-books? Water Sister contains 3 e-books; Uneasy Allies (99c until 30th September), Fair Wind & Elkadanu.

“I love the magic and different cultures that interact with each other. Just delightful and dreadful at the same time. “


Please take a moment to watch the book trailer HERE and, if you enjoy it, #PleaseShare and help me to #SpreadTheWord. Thank you!

“This is traditional fantasy at its best!”


What’s new?

1 September, 2022

Hello everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely summer! What’s new with you?

What’s new for me?

Well, I have another book coming out on 15th September. The title is Water Sister and it’s a paperback!

This volume contains 3 e-books; Uneasy Allies, Fair Wind and Elkadanu. The cover shows the complete picture by Kombmaker from which I created the 3 e-book covers. Clever hey?!!!

Water Sister will be available on Amazon from all marketplaces from 15th September 2022…

“This is the type of work that should be taken seriously by fantasy fans. Great book for any fantasy fan looking for a well crafted read.” Chris S

September Special Offer

In celebration of Water Sister being published, I’m offering Uneasy Allies at just 99c / 99p for the entire month of September! If you’ve not yet trespassed in the world of the The Kaerling, Uneasy Allies provides you with easy access to the main characters, their motivations, their journey and their goals. It also allows you to immerse yourself in the rich, natural world of Nirunen…

Uneasy Allies is available for only 99c / 99p at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and other online stores.

“I enjoyed reading this from start to suspenseful end!” Troilthulu

And, if you’re not yet signed up to my Newsletter, you can download Uneasy Allies FREE of charge through the Fantasy Frenzy Giveaway that runs 1st September to 30th September!

And, finally… Thank you to Spillwords for choosing me to be Author of the Month for July 2022! Check out my Q&A session with them HERE!

Recent Reviews

16 June, 2022

Following my blog post in March on Why Reviews Are So Important, I wanted to share a handful of reviews that I’ve received over the past 18 months.

Aura Vere (Volume 6 of The Kaerling)

“The protagonists of the previous stories in this series finally meet, but dire forces gather in secret, in aid to the threat from the North for their own gain! Now that the characters are together, what plans might they make that will ensure or stop the kaerlings’ conquest of Falna for their side in this crisis? What has happened to Erl’s memory, and who does Lored meet at the Temple? I enjoyed this one enormously!” Troithulu

“This is a lovely book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We learn more of Lored who is probably my favourite character and the revelations about his past were both unexpected and intriguing. There’s a sense of the different story lines starting to merge and it’s good to see Erl beginning to play his part. You don’t have to have read the others in the series to understand this one, but I’d recommend starting with book 1 – you won’t be disappointed!” smallblondehippy

Uneasy Allies (Volume 7 of The Kaerling)

“Been waiting a few months for this since I finished the previous book. And I wasn’t disappointed! Incredible world building and amazing characters who travel through it. This is traditional fantasy as its best.” Jiri

“I enjoyed reading this from start to suspenseful end! Otta and her brother Erl travel with the priestess Undine, her acolyte Tari, and the taku-kevir Lored to catch up with their foes and rescue Derri. But trouble brews as they are trailed by a dark agent who does not have their continued existence at heart! Do they manage to evade pursuit, or will their unseen enemy find their spoor and renew the hunt? Find out!” Troithulu

Fair Wind (Volume 8 of The Kaerling)

“I love this whole series. Each book builds. Suspense and action. My only disappointment was that the next book was not available yet. I love the magic and different cultures that interact with each other. Just delightful and dreadful at the same time. What do I mean? You’ll have to read the series…. you’ll be glad you did!!” JimRuth

“It’s been a while, but this was certainly worth waiting for! Fair Wind continues the 4 companions’ journey in their quest to rescue Derri and Lally from the kaerlings. Pickard doesn’t disappoint as they embark on a short voyage and end up stuck on the Isle of Kiros. Beautiful imagery, poignant prose and characters I just love! More please!” Jiri


“The adventures in this series are fun. The twists and turns amazing! And I don’t want to wait, but I need to wait for the next episode!!” Jim Ruth

“This is one of those fantasy series that flies under the radar and really should have a wider audience. Freya has a real command of the written word and her pacing and beats flow perfectly, making the story a very pleasant read and the world an even greater pleasure to visit…” Chris S

The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories

“This was the first indie novella I’ve ever read and I was really blown away by the tight and evocative prose. All four fantasy tales were well paced, with interesting characters and settings laid out before you without being too heavy handed or-and I hate to use this word-info dumps. A solid collection by a writer with a true mastery of storytelling and the written word. I will definitely check out her other works!” Chris S


“I only know Freya through her poetry. I was unaware of her struggle with cancer until I began reading Insides. I immediately connected to Freya’s journey because of my own. She gave words to the invader, words that I’ve too often found elusive. Her poems are at times dark and treacherous, at times hopeful and light, but always they faithfully capture the ups and downs, the misery and the longings of those doing battle with cancer. Kudos to Freya — you’ve spoken for thousands of us.” Gwen Plano

“Pickard’s collection of poetry deals with her insides that were invaded by cancer. Her feelings, her body’s workings, her surgery, and the seasons she missed while trapped focusing on her healing. Plus a sweet, heartfelt cat poem. Pickard’s lines are generally short with snapshots of emotions, animals, stomas, even her surgeon’s fingers. Some poems are freeverse, others syllalbic. She is equally skilled at both.” Priscilla Bettis

As any author will know, these kinds of reviews are necessary to writers who often feel alone and isolated because of their chosen profession. Keep them coming! And don’t forget to check out my latest book, Elkadanu on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and other stores!


18 September, 2021

A HUGE thank you to Luna for publishing my poem, Mist, at her Poetry Bar!

What do you think of it?

It’s one of the short form poems I wrote to celebrate the launch of Uneasy Allies. You can find more of them on Facebook and several more will be published in the next few weeks on this blog too!

Don’t forget to download your copy of Uneasy Allies before 24th September whilst it’s still priced at 99p / 99c!

Incredible world building and amazing characters who travel through it. This is traditional fantasy as its best! Jiri on Goodreads

Uneasy Allies – it’s here!

15 September, 2021

Once round the corner, her cottage lost to sight, the green downs revealed the armoured men clearly. They marched two abreast, their chainmail jingling with each step. She smiled to herself; was she really that dangerous?

At the head of the column marched an older man, white-haired, amber-eyed, still sinewy and strong, though his youth was long gone. He raised his right arm when he saw Rue and the column came to a neat halt. He waited until she stopped before him.

“Rue Borrulacht, in the name of the Prince Consort, Danartha Fuar, I, Sean Regan, arrest you on suspicion of murder.” There was regret in his unusual coloured eyes as he placed his hand on her shoulder. “You will accompany us to the Cathair where you will await his Highness’ pleasure.”

Rue did not let her fear show; his Highness would get no pleasure out of her.


Above is a short extract from my latest book, Uneasy Allies. It’s on special offer until 24th September 2021 – it’s only 99p / 99c!

Uneasy Allies is available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, and all other countries. It’s also available at many other Online Stores, including Kobo, Nook, Apple!

You can watch the book trailer HERE!

Uneasy Allies is the seventh book in The Kaerling series and tells of five companions whose mission is simple – to rescue the child Derri and the acolyte Lally from the clutches of the kaerlings. But their mission proves to be anything be simple…

I so enjoyed the latest instalment of The Kaerling. The action was pacy and compelling. The characters had really settled into themselves and were well-rounded. I read it all in one sitting and was totally engrossed! Jenny Poulter


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