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Cloud – 5

12 March, 2020

sunshine hazed with thin clouds, spread and splayed like soft butter on bread; in the west, bubbled clouds build, iron-grey, scenting the wind with wetness

Cloud 5 by Freya Pickard

Cloud 5 by Freya Pickard

prose & painting © Freya Pickard 2020

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Cloud – 4

25 February, 2020

high cloud flying from the face of wind

Cloud 4 by Freya Pickard

Cloud 4 by Freya Pickard

prose & painting © Freya Pickard 2020

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Butterfly Cinquain 4

10 August, 2016
beads of
moisture on blade
of grass, scent of dampness
permeates the misty air, rain –
drops fall,
soft and mild on earth and leaf, as
these April showers drift
in on the south-
west wind.
butterfly cinquain © Freya Pickard 2016

Elfje 8

13 July, 2016
leached of
power, cut through
with steel blades, bleeding
elfje © Freya Pickard 2016

cinquain – 12

10 December, 2015
naked twiglets
scratch grey sky which leaks
cold wind and falling water; dark
© Freya Pickard 2015

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