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tanka 7

25 August, 2015
describing horror
flesh under knife – frustration
at slow healing
releasing black words on white
diminishes my terror
I wrote this tanka while I was recovering from open surgery last year…
© Freya Pickard 2015

Being – 72

5 May, 2015
feeling weak, worn out, drained by words and ideas, too tired to learn french or even listen to music – exhaustion
© Freya Pickard 2015

July – Writing

14 July, 2014
Back from being Without Words! Back online again! Did you miss me?!
I am a writer. I write words. But how do I write? How does the process actually work? The more I look into it, the more my creativity disappears, so I’ve stopped trying to analyse this gift. Instead, I have managed to note brief moments of inspiration and watch myself struggle as I write, as well as fly with the flow and pour out words upon the page. I’m hoping that the clippings over the next few weeks will help you understand why I am a writer and inspire you to write something too…
© Freya Pickard 2014


10 October, 2013
angled letters
lurk like hidden
spiders in bin; plastic
© Freya Pickard 2013
Originally published on 11 January 2013 at Simply Elfje

Fried Egg Flower

27 September, 2013
More comments from my lovely readers…
Thank you so much for Clippings. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every word. Being 30, with the Fried egg flower, caught me and I find myself imagining the form and appearance of it. 🙂 Lost with the Ninth is again a mysterious story quite like the one that I have read of your story about a unicorn. I was curious about how your creative retreat went and glad that you made an update. I read all of it and all I can say is you have found yourself more than you ever thought you have. I like how those short updates capture what and how you feel without words – writing and reading. It amazes me how liberating it feels not having to write and read but that you will always want to return to it. Take care and keep writing! I am curious about that subject that seem to trouble you. I can’t wait to hear about it… E Choi
Thank you for the link Freya. It is great! E L Bennett
If you’d like to find out for yourself what Elisa and Eleanor like, please visit Mists of Time or send an email to dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com with Subscribe Clippings in the subject line.
© Freya Pickard 2013

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