Colostomy – 27th July

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Managed a 7 minute walk out in the lane today. 3.5 mins out, 3.5 mins back. Totally exhausted.
© Freya Pickard 2014

Inspiration – Kathleen Maher

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Writing and Rewriting Online
Nearly eight years ago I started a fiction blog to keep me from rewriting everything to death. Once I adjusted to the format, I posted serial fiction nearly three times a week. My stories found a new pace. For once they moved fast. Every post shot for the end. I slept very little and wrote five to seven hundred words in a day or two. Then I read them out loud, listening for twisted syllables. But I left description, backstory, and a good deal of the characters’ uniqueness for later. (Also, laundry, exercise, and meals.)
My first serials were brisk portraits, often ending in catastrophe. I killed characters for the first time. Initially, people read what I wrote. That revelation took a while to penetrate. Interesting questions popped up in the comments. Often a reader hitting a middle post would ask about the time or what was at stake—bringing everything into focus.
My blog hit a peak and slowly dwindled. Fiction blogs are a hard sell. But for a brief phase, mine worked, leaving me several stories, possibly novels to rewrite—I hope not to death.
You can visit Kathleen’s website at Pure Fiction or follow her on Facebook
© Kathleen Maher 2014

Colostomy – 24th July

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Pulling, aching feeling warns me not to do too much, reminds me to sit down and rest.
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Bowel Cancer and afterwards…

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Thank you to everyone who has sent me prayers, thoughts and positive vibes over the last few months. It’s been the most horrendous ordeal so far of my life and I couldn’t have got through it without the grace of God and the help of my family and friends (that includes you, my readers).
In brief, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in early July (no symptoms!) and had an emergency colostomy to save my life. A month later I had open surgery for a reverse colostomy, removal of the cancer and, due to complications during surgery, ended up having a sub-total hysterectomy as well.
It has taken me a while to get back on my feet again. I am now preparing for chemotherapy to make sure all the cancer has been dealt with. This I am looking forward to with some apprehension as it is a course of 12 treatments over 24 weeks. I have no idea how I will react to chemo, except that everyone has promised me I will get tired…
I still don’t know when my chemotherapy course will start, so I am scheduling some clippings that I wrote whilst recovering from first the colostomy and then the tumour removal. And I am finally posting some of my Inspiration series instead of Wednesday Words. Please bear with me as I don’t know how often I will have internet access. It may take me a while to catch up with you on your blog or reply to your emails.
I really appreciate the loyalty of you, my readers, while I have been away from the internet. Much love Freya xxx
© Freya Pickard 2014

a message from Freya Pickard…

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I am alive! I have survived…
My recovery has been somewhat slow from the surgery in August. This is due to my wound bursting 2 days after discharge, leaving me with 2 holes in my stomach and abdomen. By this stage (5-6 weeks after surgery) I should be able to do a 30-40 minute walk. But, at the moment, I am unable to do more than 5 minutes slow walking before I have to rest again.
I have decided to go ahead with the chemotherapy that has been offered as I want to do everything to ensure the cancer has gone. I have been offered a mild form of chemo via IV which will take place every 2 weeks for 24 weeks. Due to my open wound, the chemo will not start until mid-October at the earliest.
I will get back to those who submitted work for my Inspiration theme once I am home again and have an internet connection. I miss all my readers and miss visiting your inspiring blogs. Much love Freya xxx
© Freya Pickard 2014

Freya Pickard

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Freya Pickard is currently awaiting an operation for bowel cancer and does not have access to the internet.
There will be no more postings on this blog until she has has fully recovered. All comments are appreciated but Freya is unable to moderate them until she is back online again.
Those of you who have had your work accepted for her Inspiration series will still be published, but not on the dates agreed. Freya will contact you with new dates once she is back online.
Those of you who are still waiting to hear whether or not your work has been accepted, will be contacted by Freya once she has recovered.
Freya sends her apologies for this inconvenience and hopes to back online soon. She misses all her readers very much.
© Freya Pickard 2014

Wednesday Words – “The King’s Mage” reviewed

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Welcome back to the final day of Elizabeth Baxter’s Bite Sized Blog Tour…
I couldn’t put this book down. I kept making up excuses to sneak off and devour it. Easy to read and with an opening that is “straight in” to the story, I was hooked from the word go.
It’s not always easy to read the middle book of a trilogy. The proper beginning has happened in the first book and the proper ending will happen in the third book. However, The King’s Mage stands well enough alone without having to first read The Last Priestess. Baxter gives enough information without going over old ground to enable the reader to remember what has gone before, or, if they are new to the series, to want to read the first book.
There is a dark edge to Baxter’s writing. The terrifying darkness of Chaos is given form in this story; the mutilated stag, the hideous blood suckers in Roamsford Edge and the insanity of the Songmaker.
Amongst all the gathering doom, there are beacons of hope and light. Rovann and Maegwin find another Sentinel (I want one in my garden!) and meet the awesome Fenris. I like the way the character of Kandar is so misleading at first. Again, nothing is what it seems to be in this vividly drawn world.
And as Rovann and Maegwin get closer to the Songmaker, the shadows grow darker and the threat of unleashed Chaos grows stronger. Full of surprises and twists, this tale is definitely a re-reader.
This is the second book in The Songmaker series; the next book should be out sometime this year!
© Freya Pickard 2014

You can purchase this novel in both e-book and paperback format at The King’s Mage

To find out more about Elizabeth Baxter please visit Small Blonde Hippy


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