Writing – 4

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finding more patterns in seemingly un-associated subjects, discovering connections, creating poems
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Wednesday Words – Introducing “The King’s Mage”

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Today I am talking to Elizabeth Baxter about her novel, “The King’s Mage”. It is the second in her Songmaker series and I want to know what inspired her to write it…
I have always loved and been inspired by those epic fantasy series where you can get totally lost in the world, where you share the hopes and fears of the characters and nothing less than the fate of the world is at stake. I wanted to write a series like that. I hope my characters are the kind of people my readers want to spend time with and I hope the world I created is one they care about. If they do, then I’ve done my job as a writer.
I do all my writing in my spare bedroom. Sounds a bit uninspiring, right? However, I’m lucky enough to live in a very beautiful patch of countryside so I can look out of the window and see rolling hills and trees. I love to sit with the window open and listen to the birds as I write.
I think it’s my experience as a reader that I’ve used in The Songmaker series. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve always loved do-or-die fantasies so I thought about what my readers would want to see in such a series and wrote it in. I hope I got it right.
My top main writing influences are: -

1. JRR Tolkien I’m sure every fantasy writer says this but it’s true. Reading The Lord of The Rings as a nine-year-old was one of the pivotal moments of my life. It’s what made me decide I wanted to be a writer and a fantasy writer at that.

2. Stephen Donaldson His Thomas Covenant Trilogy still ranks as one of the best I’ve ever read. He brings an intensity to his characters and to his writing that few other authors can. Most of his characters are anti-heroes to a certain extent and yet he is able to still have readers rooting for them.

3. Stephen Erikson His Malazan series was an eye-opener for me. I don’t think I’ve ever read a series on such an epic scale. His books spans millennia, different worlds and a host of characters. For me, he’s redefined what’s possible within the fantasy genre.

I’m currently finishing the third and final book in the series, The Traitor’s Song. Hopefully this will be out in the summer.
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You can buy this novel at The King’s Mage It is available in both Kindle and Paperback editions.

To find out more about Elizabeth Baxter please visit Small Blonde Hippy
Come back next week to read an excerpt from The King’s Mage…

Writing – 3

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colourless day, brown-grey-white, the landscape is indistinct, it does not draw my eye or hold my gaze. I retreat inwards, searching for colour in my imagination
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Writing – 2

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I find it so fascinating that stones I’ve written in the past are linked. I can see patterns running though months-worths of stones bits go together and create poems! seemingly unrelated entries link together, make a story or sing a song. words, sentences, poems, ideas – inspiration… I really enjoy making (as opposed to writing) poems
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Wednesday Words – the legend of dracomagan

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Lovely newsletter, Freya… from the cover with its photo and enchanting elfje, to the next (chapter) of Parsley’s adventure! I love the writing and Parsley’s personality just shines! M Negroni
The front cover elfje made me think of lazy summer afternoons and I could almost hear the whirr of insects because of the photo of the dragonfly. The color elfjes are really interesting and alive with your words. My fave is the pure haiku particularly the green-gold memories of trees- such a vivid description of summer! The Essence of Thyme is getting more and more mysterious and exciting… E Choi
Thanks for Dragonscale Clippings, the small poems are a really great aside to the legend of Dracomagan. The haiku is well observed and quite poignant. Do you find it easy to come back to Dracomagan? This was lovely, a nice taster. L Turner
I like your story. It’s terrific! Y Matreyeva
Just as with other episodes I read, my mind is filled with the relevant scenes as if watching a movie. The line “The green darkness that yawned ahead…”, what a unique descriptive lead. I have always found a visual sense most vivid where you are leading me. I am left in no doubt of the surroundings, the conditions, the eeriness, the imminent danger, the characters, the emotions and the humour. S Evans
I enjoyed so much your pieces / excerpts in Clippings Newsletter. C Messelodi
To read the full comments made by my wonderful readers, please visit Newsletter If you would like to read the story (so far) for yourself, please send me an email at dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) come with “Subscribe” in the subject line.
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Writing – 1

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typing up my words from last year, realising that although I was “dry” I produced many meaningful poems after all
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July – Writing

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Back from being Without Words! Back online again! Did you miss me?!
I am a writer. I write words. But how do I write? How does the process actually work? The more I look into it, the more my creativity disappears, so I’ve stopped trying to analyse this gift. Instead, I have managed to note brief moments of inspiration and watch myself struggle as I write, as well as fly with the flow and pour out words upon the page. I’m hoping that the clippings over the next few weeks will help you understand why I am a writer and inspire you to write something too…
© Freya Pickard 2014


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