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The Kaerling by Freya Pickard is a series of linked novellas tracing an epic fantasy tale through the mysterious world of Nirunen.

What starts as an innocent quest to follow the unicorn’s trail, turns into a sinister nightmare.

Silver Fire is available online as a FREE download at Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, Nook, Angus & Robertson, Mondadori and Scribd. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow authors to have Permafree books.

Watch ALL the book trailers HERE!

“Freya’s writing style is immersive and draws you into the created world. There are enough hints to imply a larger, more complex realm without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary detail.” J Poulter

“I really love Freya’s writing. It’s both poetic and smooth, and never seems overblown or too wordy. Very professional. I also love the pacing. I never became bored. I jumped into the tale at book 10 and I never once felt disjointed or confused. Chris S” Chris S

Listen to Freya’s playlist for Dead Man’s Witness on Spotify!

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Word Craft Poetry

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Today I want to share with you my interview at the amazing Word Craft Poetry site that took place a week ago.

In this post I discuss with Colleen why I write poetry, specifically haiku, and I also talk about my forthcoming poetry collection, Vampirical Verse.

Check it out at Meet The Poet.

An interwoven storyline

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For three days only, three of my books have been reduced to 99p!

Between 15th & 17th March 2023, you can download Olin Heon, Hidden Lands and Aura Vere, for just 99p each!

“I love the way this book interweaves subplots and characters from the previous three volumes with new ones as a fiendishly complex scheme starts to unveil to the reader!” Troy

This offer is available at ALL online stores (so long as my books are listed!)

Olin Heon and Hidden Lands introduce Lored, a taku-kevir, who returns home after escaping a Kimderin prison, to find all has changed. These two books also introduce Tari, an acolyte of the goddess Aqua.

“Freya’s ability to craft complex characters and create an interwoven storyline shows well in this volume!” Troy

Aura Vere brings the storylines of Lored and Tari, together with Otta and Erl (from volumes 1-3) in a climatic ending that sees them setting off on a quest none of them chose to partake in.

“We learn more of Lored who is probably my favourite character and the revelations about his past were both unexpected and intriguing.” smallblondehippie

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Damp Earth & Woodsmoke

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Two things to tell you about today!

Firstly, ALL my books are currently being offered at a 25% discount on SMASHWORDS! If you’ve not yet started The Kaerling, this is a great opportunity to grab the entire series so far, for only three quarters of the full price! And, if you’re up to date with The Kaerling, why not try another of my books (poetry, romantic fantasy or humorous fantasy) while this offer lasts?

The 25% off sale ends 11th March 2023.

Secondly, my short story, Damp Earth & Woodsmoke is available free of charge in the Fantastic Young Adult Fiction Giveaway which runs until 31st March 2023! What is Damp Earth & Woodsmoke about? When Stio meets a young, female sprite in the Wild Woods, he’s unprepared for her reaction to him.

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Alien worlds, action films and steampunk!

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Due to the total lack of a decent broadband connection here in North Devon (UK), my soulmate and I are no longer able to stream anything except music (occasionally) and sometimes a single video. Streaming images is a big no-no! So, all our TV viewing is done via a satellite dish! Primitive, hey?!

My favourite film from recent weeks is definitely The Martian. The CGI landscapes are incredible; the colours, the aridness, the sheer alienness of the place. Matt Damon is brilliant as the lead actor in this variation of a castaway film. There’s humour and terror, moments of sheer beauty as well as moments of utter despair. I liked the way the story swings between the stranded astronaut, his fellow astronauts on their way back to earth and the control team on earth. This is an unusual and thought-provoking film without any sentimentality.

My second favourite film is Black Hawk Down. The cinematography captures the total chaos of war on the ground. I found I was holding my breath during the action scenes (of which there are a lot!) and had to remind myself to breathe! I loved this film from beginning to end; it’s realistic, gritty and violent and you really do have to question why western troops get involved with domestic disturbances in other countries.

Made in Italy was a surprise! I only watched it because Liam Nielsen was in it. The trailers didn’t really do the film justice as they made it look like a romcom. It’s far more than a romcom and deals with the history of a father and his son. The plot reveals their shared history and misunderstandings bit by bit without any lengthy flashbacks. This is not at all sentimental and the characters are all believable and real. If you’ve not seen it yet, watch it!

Finally got round to seeing Mortal Engines which I thoroughly enjoyed. The CGI is incredible, but, with Peter Jackson and his team, what would you expect? The plot is somewhat predictable but there are enough twists and turns in it to keep things interesting. Hugo Weaving plays the suave baddie and it’s worth watching the film just for his role in it!

Other films that I’ve been caught up in recently include: –

Morgan – a futuristic thriller, brilliantly played out by the small cast involved. I did guess the plot right from the word go, but I wasn’t disappointed by the unexpected result at the end. (And if you’re wondering whose voice it is at the beginning, it’s actor Brian Cox!)

Criminal – probably the best film Kevin Costner’s ever done. Excellent premise – the memories of an FBI agent are transferred to another man, a violent criminal. It was very interesting to see how the other man’s memories changed the character of the criminal…

Girl with a Pearl-Earring – worth watching just for the amazing scenes and use of light, it’s almost as though the film is a painting itself.

Van der Valk – TV series that is definitely worth watching. Marc Warren plays an intriguing character and is supported by a cast of quirky colleagues. If you love whodunnits, try these series!

Have you seen any of these films/series? What did you think of them?

“I don’t want it to end”

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Today sees the launch of Dead Man’s Witness, Volume 10 of The Kaerling!

If you’ve not yet started The Kaerling series, this book is a really good starting point for you!

“I really love Freya’s writing. It’s both poetic and smooth, and never seems overblown or too wordy. Very professional. I also love the pacing. I never became bored. I jumped into the tale at book 10 and I never once felt disjointed or confused.” Chris S

Can Lored establish Rue’s innocence? Can Tari convince Stio that neither she nor the taku-kevir are a threat to the throne of Kiros? And can the twins continue to evade capture? Find out in Dead Man’s Witness! If you enjoy novels set in other worlds such as Middle Earth and Osten Ard, you will love The Kaerling series!

“There’s a sense here of all the threads beginning to draw together (but not yet please  – I don’t want it to end!) The ending was fantastic – the high tension of the courtroom and its aftermath, and then just as it seems it’s all over, the early hours flit! A great ending which certainly left me keen for the next volume.” W Thomas

Dead Man’s Witness is available at Amazon (all marketplaces), Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and many other online stores.

Watch the book trailer HERE!

“Freya’s writing style is immersive and draws you into the created world. There are enough hints to imply a larger, more complex realm without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary detail. My favourite character in Dead Man’s Witness, is Stio. He is strong with clear motivation for his actions. It is clear from the writing style that the author is first and foremost a poet: her style is lyrical and there is a clear enjoyment in the use of unusual words and playful phrases.” J Poulter

Here’s the first two paragraphs of Dead Man’s Witness to whet your appetite…

The first sound Tari could remember hearing was water. The tip-tap of rain on the window panes in her family’s large kitchen would draw her attention throughout the winter months. Later, when she could walk, her mother took her to the great river that curved through the hidden plateau. This waterway was vital for her family’s survival, and, as she grew up, the liquid force that wound serpentine across the farmland fascinated her.

The river flowed differently in every season. In the spring months it would roar past, earth coloured with froth on top as the mountain snows melted. During the long summer season the water ran clear without hurrying. In autumn, the levels rose again and the river became purposeful, as if it had somewhere to go before the snows arrived. Winter was perhaps the most beautiful season when ice captured the currents and her mother would break the surface with an axe so they could draw out the chill liquid beneath…

Buy Dead Man’s Witness today and immerse yourself in another world!

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