Molten Silver

Posted 23 May, 2016 by dragonscaleclippings
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June Rewards for my Patreon supporters will be available in a couple of weeks!
Each month I produce a specially crafted poem and an unusual short story for my supporters at Patreon. Both the poem and short story are previously unpublished. The poem usually covers an A4 side and the short story is a minimum of 2,000 words long.
From the molten silver of constellations to the painful path of the refugee… These were the themes of the poem and short story that were my May Rewards for my Patreon supporters.
If you missed out on these rewards, don’t worry! If you pledge your support for me at Patreon before 1st June, you will be able to access the June Rewards.
In June, my supporters will receive a previously unpublished love poem and/or a light-hearted tale about Dracomagan and her friends. Romance is in the air for Lady Parsley and Sir Larfalot, but will it last? And will Lady Sorrel and Queen Dracomagan ever find the “right” man for each of them?
See you at Patreon soon!
© Freya Pickard 2016

Dragonscale Leggings

Posted 17 May, 2016 by dragonscaleclippings
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wow! thank you so much for the AWESOME review, Libby!

By The Wobbly Dum-Dum Tree

Dragonscale Leggings CoverI’m always interested when I see catchy and quirky titles, so when I started blogging some years ago and came across a blog called ‘Dragonscale Clippings’ I just had to have a look. The result was the start of an on-line friendship with the blogger, Freya Pickard, and when I discovered that she had written a book called ‘Dragonscale Leggings’ I knew I just had to read it.

The book was soon added to my Christmas list and from there found its way into my hands – this was a few years ago now and I have been promising myself that I would write this long over-due review ever since.

‘Dragonscale Leggings’ is pure fantasy, but with a twist. The writer, Freya Pickard, a fantasy lover herself, describes this book as a fantasy spoof and this is exactly what it is. She takes the genre and turns it on its…

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Clean away…

Posted 29 April, 2016 by dragonscaleclippings
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Thank you for reading my “clippings” about Housewifery! It’s time now to put the dyson back in its cupboard and to give the dusters a wash.
I’m working on a number of drafts (new writing is still hard to come by) and earlier this week I launched myself at Patreon. You can watch my first ever video by clicking on the link; find out what I really look and sound like!
I’m taking another break from this blog until late June.
Meanwhile, I will be blogging once more at Pure Haiku. My guest haiku writers and I will be exploring CANCER over the next few weeks. Yesterday I shared a haiku sequence written as a collaboration with one of my friends. Hope to see you there!
© Freya Pickard 2016

Housewife – 12

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I breathe deeply, letting go of the anger and tension caused by the lateness of the alarm engineer…
© Freya Pickard 2016


Posted 27 April, 2016 by dragonscaleclippings
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A few weeks ago I posted about all my Free Reads but didn’t get much interest in them. Why? I’ve always been told that you have to have free stuff to give to your followers. Is this a lie? Or is my work just not interesting enough?
So, this week, I’m going to tell you about my writing that you can pay to read! There is, of course, my novel Dragonscale Leggings available in paperback at most online stores.
And, I’ve recently launched a campaign at Patreon. I need money in order to self-publish. I just don’t earn enough to actually be able to pay out for my books to be published. I’m fed up with trying the traditional routes, because one, no one ever gets back to me and two, on the odd occasion I have been offered a contract, I would have earned so little, it wasn’t worth it.
Since having cancer 2 years ago, I am more determined than ever to have my work published. This is why I am now on Patreon to gather patrons who will support me with as little as $1 or $5 a month so that I can afford to get my novels published. In return, I will post on Patreon an unpublished short story and poem for my supporters to read.
You can, at last, “meet” me online. I’ve posted my first ever video, introducing myself at Patreon. I am naturally shy and reserved, and, since having cancer, I have become even more of a recluse. Making the video was extremely painful. The final product came after 3 days of recording. What do you think?
© Freya Pickard 2016

Housewife – 11

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how quick time slips by when I’m cleaning; there still doesn’t seem to be enough time for everything…
© Freya Pickard 2016

Profound Insights…

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Elfje 8 struck me making my imagination run and it is quite profound where I think of the web like the thread of our lives that somehow we are all connected to each other wherever we may be. The Oil of Sage was wonderfully written and has such contrast. Merlin’s rest was described peacefully making me feel relaxed before the interruption came and the rest of the story revolved around the other characters. I wondered what would happen next…I look forward to the next episode! E Choi
Many thanks for sending the last issue of Clippings. It is always such an inspiring read for me! I loved both the episode of the story, with its remarkable and powerful descriptions and the poetry you presented. I just loved the haiku so much! They convey profound insights and feelings, conjuring up strong emotions and vivid imagery in the reader’s mind and soul. C Messelodi
The first episode of The Oil of Sage is available now to read online! The story is a free read for my followers who subscribe to my quarterly Newsletter.
If you would like to read the first episode (episodes 2-4 will follow throughout 2016), just send me an email at dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com with “Clippings Request” in the subject line.
To find out more please visit FREE STUFF!. I look forward to hearing from you!
© Freya Pickard 2016


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