Wolf Mist

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take a look at one of my wolf elfje over at simply elfje…!

Originally posted on Simply Elfje:

wolf mist
hunkers low, trailing
purposefully, lit by waning

Freya Pickard

Freya is also exploring Haiku with the theme “Wolf” this month at ‘Pure Haiku’.

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look at this! a haiku, written for me!

Originally posted on Francis James Franklin (Alina Meridon):

For Freya Pickard:

that freya’s a wolf
devouring sweet quintuplets
of red-caped haiku

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more tests required…

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I am finally back on line today and just wanted to update you all after my meeting with the consultant last week.
It wasn’t exactly bad news. But it wasn’t the good news I wanted to hear either. I realise now that I am not going to get the “all clear” for another 5 years, if I am fortunate enough not to have a recurrence of cancer.
The CT Scan didn’t show up anything in my bowel, which is positive. But it did highlight a breast lump that needs examining. So I have to go back at some point to have that looked at. And, just to be on the safe side, I am due to have a colonoscopy as well, in case there’s anything nasty lurking inside me that the CT Scan failed to pick up.
Yes, I am disappointed as I feel I cannot yet “move on”. I have to learn to live with this uncertainty, but I’m not sure how to do this yet. I am a fighter and can cope with cancer, surgery and chemo; with each you have dates and improvement… But this feeling of “have I got cancer still?” or “is it coming back?” are hard to live with. I didn’t have any symptoms before I fell ill last year so there’s no guarantee I’ll get symptoms again if the cancer does return…
Sorry, I hope I’m not depressing you, but I don’t want to lie. This isn’t easy at all. Having both procedures mentioned above isn’t too bad because I’ve been through it all before. It’s just the not knowing that does my head in!
So, for now, I will continue alternating between blogs and restricting my time online in order to stay relaxed. I am determined to get on with my writing and to try and get on with my life as best I can. (Have already entered my first chapter of one finished novel in the Mslexia Novel competition and am planning to send the other finished novel to publishers by the end of the month – have yet to write the dreaded synopsis for it!) Please understand that it can take me a few days to approve comments and sometimes a week or so before I can return likes/visits. Thank you all for staying with me and being so supportive and encouraging. Much love Freya xxx
© Freya Pickard 2015

Clippings #14 available now!

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My Newsletter, Clippings, is available to read right now!
If you already subscribe to my Newsletter, you should have received an email with links to The Essence of Thyme. If you haven’t received this email, please let me know asap along with your correct email address.
If you don’t yet subscribe to my Newsletter, here’s a taster of what’s in store for you … The Essence of Thyme #1 If you like what you see and want to finish reading the story, just email me at dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com with “Clippings Request” in the subject line.
Clippings #14 contains episode 4 of The Essence of Thyme along with an explanation as to why I haven’t been as active on the internet as usual for last year and a bit. A huge thank you to Jonathon B. Hoyt for designing the front cover which features an elfje by Italian poet Claudia Messelodi with one of my poppy photos. Framing the story you will find haiku that have never been published before along with excerpts from my blogs.
More information about the Newsletter can be found at Newsletter. There you can read comments from my readers on previous episodes and issues.
© Freya Pickard 2015

a tanka journey

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Thank you for travelling with me on my journey into Tanka… Once again, I am taking a break from Dragonscale Clippings for a few weeks. However, from 18th September I will be blogging at Pure Haiku My guests and I will be exploring the theme of Wolf. Why not join us there? I’ll be back here in November when I plan to share some Cinquains with you. Thank you for your comments and encouragement.
© Freya Pickard 2015

tanka 12

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disconnected mind
I need earth on my fingers
and breeze to feel “me”
isolated and inside
I cannot connect at all
I wrote this tanka while I was recovering from chemo earlier this year…
© Freya Pickard 2015

Wednesday Words – Secrets

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What secrets hide in the terraced garden that I painstakingly carved out of the hillside?
Herbs and flowers now overgrown with grass. I rip the green stalks up by their roots and discover…
Wet garlic, dying thyme, fragrant rosemary, pungent sage and perfumed lavender. Even the pulsatilla, though tiny, thrives.
Lower down marjoram and oregano spread, seeding their offspring in the terraces above.
© Freya Pickard 2015


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