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The Kaerling by Freya Pickard is a series of linked novellas tracing an epic fantasy tale through the mysterious world of Nirunen.

What starts as an innocent quest to follow the unicorn’s trail, turns into a sinister nightmare.

Silver Fire is available online as a FREE download at Apple, Kobo, Nook, Angus & Robertson, Mondadori and Scribd. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow authors to have Permafree books.

Watch ALL the book trailers HERE!

“This is a lovely book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We learn more of Lored who is probably my favourite character and the revelations about his past were both unexpected and intriguing. There’s a sense of the different story lines starting to merge and it’s good to see Erl beginning to play his part. You don’t have to have read the others in the series to understand this one, but I’d recommend starting with book 1 – you won’t be disappointed!” smallblondehippy

“This is one of those fantasy series that flies under the radar and really should have a wider audience. Freya has a real command of the written word and her pacing and beats flow perfectly, making the story a very pleasant read and the world an even greater pleasure to visit…” Chris S

Listen to Freya’s playlist for Elkadanu on Spotify!

Discover ALL the books in The Kaerling series so far at Amazon, Nook, Kobo and iTunes!


A tangible, real journey

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Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of Water Sister, my most recent paperback! And thank you too, to everyone who has bought a copy of my most recent publication – This Is Me! Don’t forget to download the first 9 volumes of The Kaerling series in time for your Christmas reading!

I’ve been re-branding my e-book covers for The Kaerling series this autumn! Check out the new look at Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Apple.

A mega thank you to Claudia Messelodi who wrote an article about my epic fantasy series, The Kaerling, at Il Giornale Letterario. An English translation of this piece can be found HERE. She says some lovely things about my writing such as “Her imagery is decidedly rich and vivid, capable of dragging the reader on a sort of journey away from everyday life, a tangible, real journey.”

A huge thank you to Christy Birmingham for interviewing me for one of her posts at When Women Inspire. Read the full Q&A session HERE!

Thank you to Spillwords for making me Author of the Month in July this year! Check out my Q&A session with them HERE and read all my poems that they’ve paired with exquisite images HERE! Spillwords also published my poem The Gentlemen in October!

Thank you to the wonderful Susi Bocks for leaving such a positive review of my poetry collection, Insides on Amazon!

And thank you to Editor Strider Marcus Jones for including 9 of my haiku in the recently published Lothlorien Poetry Journal Volume 14. Living in the world between worlds is available at Lulu!

Thank you to Duotrope for interviewing me about my other blog at Pure Haiku HERE!

If you’re a fan of The Kaerling series, did you know that you can now pre-order Volume 10 Dead Man’s Witness? It’s available on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and many other online stores!

I’m making changes to my Patreon support levels next month. Take a peek at the new levels from 8th December onwards!

I’ve been busy as I mentioned above, with re-doing my book covers, as well as writing the first drafts of volumes 13 – 15 of The Kaerling series. I’m still looking for a couple more Beta Readers. If you’re interested, find out how to join my team HERE.

I’m going to be offline during the month of December as I need another digital detox, plus there’s a whole load of books I want to read! (I don’t read books when I’m producing first drafts so as not to unintentionally steal someone else’s ideas!)

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and I look forward to catching up with you again in the New Year!

Do you know me?

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This Is Me, the e-book has been launched today!

A serpent biting at my breast
Myself a rotting sepulchre.
I am the living dead
Carrying the Crab
Whose offspring multiply within.
Both fang and claw
Eat away my flesh
Draining me of life.

Another biographical offering from Freya Pickard, tracing her development both as a person and a poet from her early twenties to mid-forties.

Freya Pickard is a cancer survivor, whose fight for life has forever changed her. These changes are reflected in a variety of poems she permits to be published here.

I want to be exciting, revolutionary, unpredictable,
I will cut my hair short and dye it purple,
I'll pierce my body and get tattooed in unmentionable places.

Initially determined to be single, Freya reveals what it was like to discover her soulmate. Enjoying physical and mental fitness, she tells how she struggles post cancer.

Always an observer, Freya looks within and without to catalogue her journey through an eventful life.

You don’t need to have read either Insides or My Mythology, but if you have, you’ll find This Is Me continues the threads of imagination and post-cancer trauma.

half light – otherworld
shadowed mist conceals land
transient journey

This Is Me is available from Kindle (all marketplaces), Kobo, iBooks, Nook and many other online stores.

Watch the book trailer HERE!

Listen to Freya’s playlist for This Is Me HERE!

No, I’m not interested in babies!

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Can you believe it’s nearly the end of 2022?

Shocking, isn’t it?

But don’t worry! If you feel in need of grounding before Christmas, check out my latest poetry offering, This Is Me, which will be launched in several weeks time. You can pre-order this volume BEFORE the launch from Amazon and other online stores!

I’m not interested in babies
And no
I haven’t got a boyfriend
I’m not wanting to get married
And no
I don’t want a house of my own.
I can’t afford a car
(I hate driving anyway)
No I don’t go drinking
And clubbing I can’t stand.

This is the first verse of the first poem in the collection and it was written in my mid-twenties! You don’t need to have read either Insides or My Mythology, but if you have, you’ll find This Is Me continues the threads of imagination and post-cancer trauma.

If you prefer paperback, This Is Me is already available, and the paperback contains all 3 volumes of poetry so far under the Dragonscale Delvings banner.

This Is Me, the ebook, has never been available as a single e-volume before so if you want to add to your collection of Dragonscale Delvings, pre-order your copy today!

There are TWO giveaways to tell you about for November!

Brave New Worlds and All Romance both run until 30th November. Both contain free books either in the Science Fiction and Fantasy or Romance genres. Download and enjoy!

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New Book Covers!

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Just had to share my latest news with you all!

I’ve recently been re-creating new book covers for The Kaerling series, in between writing the first drafts of volumes 13 – 15!

Jonathon B. Hoyt has been helping me and has even contributed several of his artistic photographs for the front covers!

The series now looks right for the tone and feel of my prose. The more I write of the tale, the darker the story becomes

I’ve also got new covers for my 2-book Romantic Fantasy series!

What do you think?

Did you know that you can become part of my creative process both at Patreon and as a Beta Reader?

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Beta Readers & Giveaways!

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FOUR things to share with you today!

Firstly, I’m putting out a call for more Beta Readers in order to take the pressure off my current readers! I’m now so prolific that I’m producing THREE 30,000 word manuscripts a year for the The Kaerling series. Ideally, I’d like to just have to ask each Beta Reader to read just one manuscript a year.

Would YOU be interested in joining my Beta Reader Team? This is an unpaid role, but, you do get to be part of my journey as a writer, plus you get to read at least one e-book each year before it’s finalised for publication! And, you might, at some point in the future, get a book dedicated to you alone…!

If you would like to become one of my Beta Readers, please follow the instructions at Freya’s Beta Readers!

Secondly, I have TWO Giveaways for you this month!

Let The Adventure Begin has over 40 books in a variety of genres that all centre around Adventure in some way. Check it out before the end of the month for some free reads!

Spooky Thrills is giving away lots of spooky or Halloween themed books this month! Check out my story, First Blood which you can only download via this giveaway!

Thirdly, I have one book on offer until 31st October – Xmas @ Camelot II. Fairy tales, Freudian prisons, Virtual Reality Games and High Bardic sagas. Inspire your imagination with different styles and narrators.

And fourthly, the third volume in my Dragonscale Delvings series is available for pre-order at Amazon and at other online stores! This Is Me is already available as a paperback and contains the first three volumes of my poetry. I’m now releasing volume 3 as an e-book for those of you who prefer e-reading!

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