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Did you know that you can be part of my creative process?


Poetry Postcard by Freya Pickard

Poetry Postcard by Freya Pickard

I’m not kidding!

All my patreon supporters receive special, exclusive gifts in return for a regular, monthly donation.

Those who donate $1 receive a unique poetry postcard, which is only available to them! I paint, sketch and draw real and abstract images and then work a poem into the picture. I don’t sell or promote these poetry postcards anywhere else, except on Patreon.

Those who donate $5 receive not only a poetry postcard every month, but also a complete, unpublished short story of at least 2000 words (sometimes the stories are a lot longer!) Very often I get glimpses of characters or ideas and write a short story before I develop the character and plot into a novel. So, in reading these unpublished short stories, you’re actually getting a sneak preview of something that may well become a fully-fledged novel someday!

$5 donations also get to see book covers and launch videos before anyone else does!

And, if you donate $10 a month, you get all of the above as well as one novel dedicated to you after 6 months, a free paperback every year (when available) and you get to read sample chapters of forthcoming books before they are launched!



And what do I use the money for? Marketing! I am self-employed and literally just make ends meet. I have no disposable income at all. So I am reliant on my Patreon supporters to help me pay for the marketing of my books so they reach a wider audience.

Join me now on Patreon!

Check out my new Patreon video (contains footage of me reading excerpts from some of my books!) at YouTube!

Even if you are unable (or don’t want to) support me via Patreon, please consider sharing this post and video!

© Freya Pickard 2019


Sensual lips …

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Otta turned her eyes back to Jas. He had the high cheekbones and angular eyes just like the kaerlings Dia travelled with, but his eyes were blue and his jaw strong. There was an arrogance about his face that enhanced his features and once more Otta felt strongly attracted to him. He lay back down on the bed and Otta ran her eyes over the firm pectorals and biceps as he crossed his arms and stared at the ceiling again. Otta wondered why he didn’t look at Dia directly and then realised she was part of a thought and Jas could not see anything, just hear Dia’s voice.

Well, I am honoured. He grinned, curling his lip derisively, revealing even, white teeth.

He had sensual lips, Otta thought, and wondered what it would feel like to be kissed by them. Nagaru nudged her sharply.

Pay attention, he whispered softly.

I need the use of your special talent.

Jas chuckled quietly and ran his hands through his short, dark hair. Are you asking for help? Dia of the House of Amethyst never needs help!

This is an extract from An Ancient Song, Volume Three of The Kaerling. Otta finds herself in several dangerous situations as the tale progresses. Available at Amazon UK, Amazon US, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and many other online stores. Have you seen the video about it at YouTube!

Don’t forget that the first volume of The Kaerling, Silver Fire, is a FREE download!

© Freya Pickard 2019

An Ancient Song

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An Ancient Song explores the dark recesses of Otta’s soul and gives Erl a new meaning to his life.

An Ancient Song continues the twins’ quest for the “Unicorn’s Trail” with a shocking revelation at the end.

An Ancient Song takes the reader into a different world where the races are divided and immigrants seek to find their way in a strange and hostile land.

This is Volume Three of The Kaerling. It was a difficult book to write as I explored Otta’s inexplicable dislike of the despised Suryan. Like Nagaru, I wanted her to admit she had killed a man and to overcome her irrational prejudice towards the travellers who protect her.

Not everything is resolved in this volume, but, as Nagaru tells her towards the end, it’s a beginning!

Want to find out exactly how Otta and Erl escape from Aura Vere? Want to know how they discover the truth about the “Unicorn’s Trail”? Want to meet more of the Kaerlings who are both attractive and repelling at the same time?

If the answer is yes to one or more of the above questions, you need to buy An Ancient Song, now! Available at Amazon UK, Amazon US, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and many other online stores.

Not convinced yet? Check out my video about Volume Three of The Kaerling at YouTube! Alternatively, take a peek at Elizabeth Leaper’s amazing reviews of the first two books in the series at The Wobbly Dum Dum Tree!

© Freya Pickard 2019


Rumour begins …

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smudged horizon

slanting sunlight glows

softens this harsh, dangerous


© Freya Pickard 2019

This is just one of my poems describing the mystical landscape of Dartmoor. In my newsletters this year, I’m exploring the terrain, mood and life of this unique moor in south-west England. I’ve used both haiku and elfje to depict the different aspects of Dartmoor which still haunts me …

Clippings March 2019

Clippings March 2019

And it’s not just free poetry you can read in my newsletter! This month, a new story begins, beautifully illustrated by artist Elisa Choi!

Her Majesty, Queen Dracomagan the First was seated on her throne. Perhaps seated was too broad a term to use. She was sprawled on the uncomfortable chair, legs stuck out on the top step, arms hanging loosely over the sides. Her crown was wonky and her long hair tumbled untidily around her face …

And, if you like to get a peek inside a writer’s real life, I’m also writing about how I run a busy Bed & Breakfast in the summer months! Want to read more?

Just sign up to receive my free Newsletter at with “Request Clippings” in the subject line.

Clippings June 2019

Clippings June 2019

© Freya Pickard 2019

Cover Reveal – An Ancient Song

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An Ancient Song Volume Three of The Kaerling Series

An Ancient Song Volume Three of The Kaerling Series

Here it is! This is the e-book cover for Volume Three in The Kaerling series. What do you think?

I’ll be launching An Ancient Song in a couple of weeks’ time along with a video about it. In this volume, I’ll be revealing the truth about the mysterious “Unicorn’s Trail” and what  it really means for Otta and Erl!

If you’ve not yet come across my series, The Kaerling, Volume One, Silver Fire, is still available as a FREE Download and Volume Two, Ambassador, is available for just $1 at a variety of online stores.

Elizabeth Leaper has written an excellent review about the first two books at The Wobbly Dum Dum Tree!

If you love fantasy and enjoy reading about people who are flawed yet heroic, you’ll love this series!

© Freya Pickard 2019

EPod Interview – Tina Stewart Brakebill

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Here we are again in the docking port of the Interplanetary Space Guild Rescue Ship. Another Escape Pod has been found wandering in the depths of space and brought to safety. Who’s inside this one?

tina stewart brakebill bio photo

No idea what I’m talking about? Make sure you read Escape Pod Emulations before you continue with this post!

OK, so the door is a bit jammed. No worries, our engineers are on hand to release the opening mechanism. Hello! It’s Tina! Be careful! She looks like she’s going to faint – it’s somewhat claustrophobic in those pods … Are you feeling better now? What items did you take with you?

Floating through the cosmos waiting for rescue, I was thankful that I am naturally a bit of an introvert. The quiet of the pod really suited me. Unfortunately, I am also (more than a bit) claustrophobic, so I knew I would need some specific (and tactile) things to soothe me when the walls closed in! Luckily I was able to fit all five in my handy Dr. Who emergency backpack.

  1. Bear: Bear is a stuffed teddy bear. A boy gave him to me when I was 20. I have forgotten the boy’s name, but I have slept with Bear almost every night since I got him. I need him.
  2. Mandala Coloring Book & Colored Pencils: Coloring soothes me and mandalas appeal to my desire for symmetry and control.
  3. Photo album of friends and family: Seeing their faces makes me happy.
  4. Carved Turtle with a Monkey on its Back:  My brother gave me this tiny figurine. Stroking its smooth surface calms me and looking at it reminds me how lucky I am. Unlike that poor turtle, I don’t have to carry a giant monkey on my back!
  5. Lord of the Rings Trilogy:  I love books—actual books you can hold in your hands—and I could read this book one thousand times and still find new things to love.

tina stewart brakebill book cover

Tina is a former history professor and biographer who now devotes her time to obsessively writing haiku. She is the author of two books, one of which is Barbara Egger Lennon.

Tina is now working on her first novel but please don’t ask her when it will be finished!

Tina can be found at her blog at Tina Stewart Brakebill and also on Twitter. Discover more about her at her Amazon Page and at Green Bench Monthly.

Myth & Legend

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Future Wars – Part Three

solitary eye

untangles myth and legend

thought and memory

© Freya Pickard 2019

Want to find out what’s happened in parts one and two of Future Wars? Find out in My Mythology and This is Me! Watch the video about My Mythology at YouTube!

Available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Apple, Nook, Kobo and other online stores.

War Colours painting by Freya Pickard

War Colours painting by Freya Pickard


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