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at the weekend, my poem, Dead, was published by The Drabble! please let me know what you think, either here or at the original post!


By Freya Pickard

I feel no hollowness
no grief or pain
no sensation of something missing

the fabric is still intact
the universe has no hole in it
I have not lost a thing

he was already dead to me

Bio: A cancer survivor, Freya is inspired by the ocean, a variety of music and beautifully written books. She is the author of four novels and a poetry collection.

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Guest author: Freya Pickard – Transitions

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today I am a guest at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo! thank you for inviting me Sue! xxx

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Transitional periods; they’re a strange time, aren’t they?

You’re neither here nor there. You’re waiting for something to happen that maybe you have very little control over.

I’m currently in the process of trying to move house. I made the decision to move. I know where I want to be. But I am content still being here, although I’m looking forward to the “new” place.

I realise the move may never happen. There are so many things that could prevent it. I’m not being fatalistic about it. If the move doesn’t happen now, it will do in the future.

Meantime, I am finding it difficult to live in the present, to be. There is so much to do in both selling and buying a house. I’m very glad I have a writing discipline that I adhere to most days. And on days when I forget to write, or feel…

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Epod Emulation for Elisa Choi Ang

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Here is another Escape Pod Emulation! A warm welcome to artist, Elisa Choi Ang!
The first of my items to take with me in the escape pod would be my Bible, as to me, it is the only book that matters.
Second would be my laptop as it is where I produce and store most of my work – that is also very important to me.
The third item would be my Art Tool Box as that is where I keep all the art materials I use that I need to make my art.
Fourth would be my wallet containing money that I may need to purchase things with once I reach civilisation again.
And my fifth item would, of course, be my mobile phone, not to call people with, but so that I can take photos!
Elisa Choi Ang is an artist who loves to empower people to make art inspired by their stories. She encourages others to sketch their lives in pen and paint in watercolor.
Elisa now has 2 classes available to participate in at her Online Class (see above link!). Now available is Sketch Your Life 2: Infuse Your Art with Creativity and Imagination This class inspires you to make your artwork engaging and personal to who you are as an artist, by exploring the techniques using one’s creativity, imagination and artistic style..
Come back next week to see the paintings Elisa has produced for me!.
And if you’re wondering what on earth an Escape Pod Interview is all about, please read Escape Pod Emulation.
© Freya Pickard 2017

Vintrig’s Kingdom – paperback!

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VINTRIG’S KINGDOM is now available in PAPERBACK at Amazon US and Amazon UK

Personally I think the cover works better for the paperback than for the e-book. It’s the same picture (obviously) but there’s something about the pristine front cover and the blood red spine that is very mysterious …

When Isu Magan, heir to Vintrig’s Throne, finds the journal of a vanished Scriber, her perceptions of history and the truth are challenged. A growing distrust of her loyal and powerful Counsellor, initiates rebellious and frightening thoughts within her heart. Adding to this disruption of her ordered life, Isu finds herself attracted to the itinerant musician, Sama Conn.

As the endless winter thaws, and a brief summer returns to the Castle, Isu longs to learn to dance, but fears her feelings towards Sama. Knowing she cannot love a mortal, the princess flounders in an increasing infatuation that could lose her the throne, and possibly her life.

There are 2 videos to watch this time! There’s a short black and white film of me talking about the novel and why I wrote it at About Vintrig’s Kingdom and there’s also a technicolor film of me reading an extract from the book at Vintrig’s Kingdom Extract.

Dragonscale Leggings only 99c

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Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a restful Christmas! Today I have some exciting news!

For a limited time only, my e-book, Dragonscale Leggings is available at a mega reduced price! And it’s not just on Amazon any longer. You can also buy it at Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes as well as other online stores!

But that’s not all! There are dozens of e-books available for just 99c at Patty Jansen’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Promotion this weekend! Don’t miss out!

Happy Christmas!

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I would like to wish all my readers and supporters a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!
Thank you everyone for all the support you’ve shown me through what has been a pretty horrendous year. Thank you for all the re-blogs and sales, for all the encouraging comments and messages. Thank you for everything.
I’m taking a break now for a couple of weeks, but plan to be back here again in the New Year…!
Don’t forget to check out the new, very short videos I’ve been creating at YouTube.
See you all again in 2017!
© Freya Pickard 2016

futuristic wars and stealing the wind …

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A story about reconciliation and forgiveness and a poem about Zombie Mushrooms! These were the themes of the poem and short story that were given as my December Rewards for my Patreon supporters.
If you missed out on these rewards, don’t worry! If you pledge your support for me at Patreon before 1st January, you will be able to access the January Rewards.
In January, my supporters will receive a previously unpublished mono tetra sequence about how we will fight future wars and/or a previously unpublished story about an adolescent boy who learns to rebel against the status quo …
Sneak previews of book covers, access to video links before a book is launched, reading the first chapters before a book goes on sale and free copies of my books! I’ve updated my rewards at Patreon so that you get even more for your money!
See you at Patreon soon!
© Freya Pickard 2016
Have you seen the videos I’ve made about my writing! Check them out at YouTube

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