Writing is my life – will you be part of it?

Thank you for finding my blog and for finding me!

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I am the author of The Kaerling series and I unashamedly promote my books here on this blog. I also share poetry, prose, paintings and sometimes photographs. To discover more of the worlds I have created, visit My Books and Paperbacks!

I don’t preach about religion, politics or the environment. My characters have different points of view, some of which I disagree with. But I let my readers make their own minds up about the issues I raise in my novels.

I don’t write to a formula. I prefer reading books that don’t adhere to creative writing class principles. I HATE predictability – I much prefer to be surprised! And these are the kind of books I write – different, quirky, undefinable.

Having survived cancer, I am not afraid to explore the darkness. I still find my inspiration in the sea, vinyl music and in beautifully written books. I have authored a number of books (novels, short story collections and poetry) which can be found at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and other online stores. (Scroll down until you find the Find Freya @ section on the right hand side).

If you’re looking for an in-depth insight into me as an Author, I suggest you make a monthly donation on my Patreon profile. If you’re satisfied with just a glimpse into my life, feel free to sign up to my monthly Newsletter.

I am currently working undercover in the hospitality industry in order to study Humans so that I can complete my series of The Kaerling. With each day that passes, I am more and more convinced that I’m an alien trapped in a Human body and have no idea where my home world is! I have no plans to write about the hospitality industry itself; my current “lifestyle” is merely a way of researching characters for my books.

If you’re squeamish about death, blood, raw meat or immorality, my books probably aren’t for you. But if you are broad minded, enjoy lyrical writing and can accept the darkness along with the light, read on …

14 Comments on “About”

  1. But if you are broad minded, enjoy lyrical writing and can accept the darkness along with the light, read on … <– I Love this! I personally believe the darkness is an implicit prerequisite for "light."

    • Thank you lastflyingcow (brilliant name!) Thank you for reading my About page! Having gone through a very dark time, I now appreciate that without darkness, you cannot understand the light! I’ve tried putting this in my books to encourage people to embrace bad times as well as good times, but unfortunately, not a lot of people want to hear this!

      • Thank you! Yes, as per the duality of YIN/YANG and the lectures of Alan Watts I’ve also come to understand that darkness and light is a duality, and not necessarily separate entities.

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  3. Thanks for the support freya! Most appreciated… And even though your blog is not really my kind of thing I still find it interesting. You know maybe deep down inside it could be my thing, but its still kool!

  4. Wonderful to meet you here and read your wonderful blog. Hello!

  5. TanGental Says:

    well what a lovely surprise to find a poet following me – oh yes a novelist too. Thank you so very much.

  6. leoshine Says:

    You found me, so I followed the link back to you! I want to say thank you and begin a conversation. I enjoy your writing on this blog, and the samples of your books. May your creativity shine in the darkness.

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