Escape Pod Emulations

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The mothership is under attack and your section of the craft has been ordered to evacuate. You rush to the nearest e-pod bay, tap in your personal code and allow the invisible beams to read your eye data. The round door slides open and you leap inside, hearing the whoosh of the door sealing itself behind you.

You are in a small, spherical chamber. When you reach your arms above your head, you can just touch the ceiling. When you stretch your arms out to the sides you can touch the blank panels.

Already the engines are humming and the computer provides you with information on the screen before the single chair. You sit down and the safety belts snuggle around you like comforting arms. The curved walls vibrate as the mothership jettisons the e-pods from your section.

You are alone. The computer will provide you with recycled oxygen and water and your daily nutrient needs will be catered for in the form of energy bars. You can tap into any film, documentary or newscast that the computer has in its memory banks. You cannot communicate with the other escapees for fear that the enemy attacking the mothership will track you. You can watch your course as you spiral away into the dark, glowing vastness of space.

The Interplanetary Space Guild will of course rescue you, eventually. Meanwhile, you have a lot of time on your hands and you can’t spend it all sleeping. (The console chair moves back to become your bed and above your head is a portable gym that the computer will ensure you use daily).

Before you left your quarters to reach the e-pod, you were allowed to choose 5 items to take with you…

What 5 items would you choose?

Find out which 5 items Freya’s guests took with them in forthcoming Escape Pod Emulation posts!

At the moment, Escape Pod Emulations is by invitation ONLY. Freya has created this page so that readers can understand why she is posting interviews in this style. Check out the video at EPod! (Currently booked up until May 2017)

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Guest EPods!
Claudia Messelodi
Francis James Franklin
Claudia McGill
Sam Eastwood
M. Sakran
Elisa Choi
Sharmishtha Basu
Christy Birmingham
Jane Dougherty