Word Craft Poetry

Today I want to share with you my interview at the amazing Word Craft Poetry site that took place a week ago.

In this post I discuss with Colleen why I write poetry, specifically haiku, and I also talk about my forthcoming poetry collection, Vampirical Verse.

Check it out at Meet The Poet.

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10 Comments on “Word Craft Poetry”

  1. SelmaMartin Says:

    Comments are closed at Word Craft so I’ll leave it here instead:
    few days late reading this interview. So wonderful to get to know Freya a bit more. What a wonderful interview, Colleen. Thanks for all you do; you two ladies are tops.
    I’ve been trying to get at least one haiku to Freya but I fail with timing. One day I will. I’ve purchased one of Freya’s lovely poetry books already: My Mythology—
    Dragonscale Delvings Volume 2
    But I’m so behind in reading. I do wish I didn’t need to sleep. But, I’m not a robot— thank goodness.

    “I think a poem is a two-fold process. It’s firstly a product of the writer’s experience. And secondly, it’s a work of art that can either be accepted or rejected by the reader.” I adore this statement. How spot on! The part about being “either” accepted or rejected is especially poignant. Thanks for this.
    I’m only in my third year of poetry so I accept I have a long ways to go.
    I have fallen for syllabic poetry in its many forms. Love the restrictions and, like Freya, the discipline.
    Thanks for this interview. Xoxo

    And thanks again, Freya. Xoxo

    • Thank you for taking the time to read the interview at Word Craft Poetry, Selma! I’m delighted that what I said struck a chord with you. Thank you too, for buying My Mythology. I hope you’ll enjoy it, when you get to read it. (Don’t worry, I’m the same – it can take me up 2 years to get to reading a book from first hearing about it – life is too short, isn’t it?) Pure Haiku will open again in October this year so hopefully you’ll have time that month to submit some work – I look forward to it! Keep writing! Stay creative!

  2. I enjoyed your interview so much, Freya. You must come back when you release your new book. I wish you many successes! 💜

  3. merrildsmith Says:

    It was a wonderful interview, Freya!

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