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Dead Man’s Witness is the latest book from Freya Pickard !

Lored finally has enough evidence to clear the herb woman, but can his claims absolve Rue of the charges of murder?

Although the focus changes between characters and places, it all flows well from one chapter to the next. The overall effect is very satisfying. I think this is the most accomplished instalment so far. Well-structured, great character- and world building. Can’t wait for the next book! W Thomas

When Lored discovers damning evidence against the Prince Consort himself, the trial for the herb woman’s life begins.

But Tari is beset by Stio, who thinks she is present on Kiros with dark, ulterior motives.

Meanwhile, Otta and Erl, waiting patiently for Lored and Tari to meet them at the crossroads, are hunted by Stio and his men on the borders of the Wild Wood.

Can Lored establish Rue’s innocence? Can Tari convince Stio that neither she nor the taku-kevir are a threat to the throne of Kiros? And can the twins continue to evade capture? Find out in Dead Man’s Witness!

If you enjoy novels set in other worlds such as Middle Earth and Osten Ard, you will love The Kaerling series!

Watch the book trailer HERE !

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Paperbacks – yes, real paperbacks!

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15 Comments on “My Books”

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  2. Susi Bocks Says:

    I just ordered them all! Can’t wait to dig into your fantasy world!! 🙂

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  4. Claudia Messelodi Says:

    I’ve read and enjoyed all of them so far, look forward to new great stories of yours!

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  6. Well done, sweet Freya, well done! I just got my eBook and am looking forward to the read. Congratulations!! xxoo

  7. Congrats to you! 😀

  8. Libby Says:

    Looking forward to the download – long awaited!

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