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Available Now!

Aura Vere by Freya Pickard is available NOW!

Five disparate paths converge in the mountain city of Aura Vere.

โ€œI enjoyed reading Aura Vera immensely and look forward to the next installment!โ€ J Poulter

Otta and Erl must face the kaerling, Jas, before they can ascend the long road to Aura Vere and find the child Derri once more.

Lored, the taku-kevir, must seek out the sister he’s never met in the Temple in Aura Vere, before the kaerlings find her.

And Undine and Tari must find a way to leave the Temple in order to rescue Lally, who has been abducted by the kaerlings.

Aura Vere brings together the characters in previous volumes in a climatic dรฉnouement that sets the scene for the continuation of the epic saga that is The Kaerling.

Click on the links below to read about Freya’s previously published books.

The Kaerling – a fantasy epic

Isu Magan – a tale of passion and sacrifice

Short Stories – fantastical and futuristic speculations

Poetry – delve into Freya’s inner soul

Paperbacks – yes, real paperbacks!

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14 Comments on “My Books”

  1. Susi Bocks Says:

    I just ordered them all! Can’t wait to dig into your fantasy world!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Claudia Messelodi Says:

    I’ve read and enjoyed all of them so far, look forward to new great stories of yours!

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  5. Well done, sweet Freya, well done! I just got my eBook and am looking forward to the read. Congratulations!! xxoo

  6. Congrats to you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Libby Says:

    Looking forward to the download – long awaited!

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